“Look Both Ways” on Netflix fight’s the fundamentals theory on how’s life really should turn in your future

Buckle up and get ready for the adventure because this movie is about to take you on a parallel side story of Natalie Bennett’s life.

On the eve of graduation night, ‘Nat’ life takes a little or a big one-time turn when she realized that a huge change has overcome her plans of going to Los Angeles to pursue her career dreams. Natalie was a young brilliant 22-year-old, who had her life future figured out for 5 years and belief could become an amazing illustrator in LA.

By the hand of the beautiful soul of Cara (Aisha Dee), Natalie’s best friend encourages her to take a pregnancy test after a one-night stand that ended up in an unexpected pregnancy in her senior year of College with Gabe (Danny Ramirez). Whom also the news will tear apart his future plans, and will eventually turn his drummer sticks into wipes and bottles.

Their story gets turned at the beginning of the first scene of the movie when her life took a divergent path from plans where made before to “time present”. From three friends who dreamt of becoming successful adults, on their way to Los Angeles, to three friends that have to find a way to keep doing life without hesitation, but love and sacrifice.

Look Both Ways Film, was directed by Rafiki’s Wanuri Kahiu, written by April Prosser, and Lili Reinhart the start actress as the executive director. These three directors choose to create a paralleled story to show the world two different points of getting your life future, your dream career, and sometimes the journey of parenting but reaffirming the importance of a happy young motherhood/parenthood in the long way process.

This movie is definitely a welcoming warm hug to a generation that has felt the heavy weight of a rule time demands on how life should turn by the certain fundamental order. In the first side of the story, we are seeing Natalie as the mother of Rosie, and becoming a huge Hollywood animator, overcoming even her own exceptions and goals after choosing to be a single mother.

On the other side of the story, we had Nat focus on fulfilling her life trip with Cara. Founding love in LA with the beautiful Jake (David Corenswet) who was a single fancy man she knows at a bar where she was stalking her inspiration artist Lucy Galloway, whose role was perfectly played by the amazing Nia Talita Long winner of three NAAC Image Award and Black Reel Award.

What’s the movies biggest lesson?

The creators were really specific about the message they choose to give us, starting with the title that shows us what they actually expect from the audience with the film from the few first scenes as well. Look Both Ways is the actual heartwarming lesson we had as a society to embrace to look in both directions and reaffirm that can be safe to a human that’s giving it all in his/her life. Whether a moment like an unexpected pregnancy could change your life or not, there’s always a way to be a great parent, and the directors really teach us with a great representation of Gabe and Natalies co-parenting. They strictly followed the line on how hard life could turn. Starting with the awkward conversation by having Natalie tell the truth to her parents in front of Gabe and be confronted by her parent’s rage and unsupported reactions.

Are the directors asking for an apology to this young generation?

As the matter of fact, I do believe so, this movie is more than encouraging young parents to pursue their dreams it is also a call to wake up as a generation far away from judgment, Natalie’s parents were the representation of a society that refuses to see and accept that young parenting has always a better way if you had the support you need in those who you love accepting that we are where we should be, doing what we should at that specific moment, and she should take it, and make the best of it because the road that you are going on now is only one side of your story.

Which character we SHOULD not forget about?

Danny Ramirez, also known as Gabe, play a huge part in this worldwide trip that this movie took us all. Before everything happen Gabe was only a friend of Natalie’s but was he? I bet I am not the only that could sense his true feelings a long way around. Even though those were his true intentions and were suddenly rejected by her, even when she felt the same, he stays on Natalie’s side and recreates a visual character that welcomes parenting as a team whose had only the same mission and direction in common.

I value this character the most, he was a respectful young man who had only one dream but stays on the edge of his own desires to become the amazing father that Ro needed and the partner Natalie deserves. Overcoming people’s expectations by the judgment of being a dry cleaner employee and only a drummer without payoff, he pursues his career as a musician and ended ups playing in the Continental Club and getting the happy ending they did not expect but created by the power of living the moment.

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