Akwardly Explained in Rice & Beans

Awkwardly Vain

|’ôkwerdlē | ‘vān |

In an ungainly manner; excessively proud of or concerned about one’s own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc. -Awkwardly Vain

Awkwardly Vain was founded in 2017 by Jarelis Marie, a fashion and mental health enthusiast born on the sunny island of Puerto Rico. 

AV is a safe space where we all belong, where we continue to learn and grow to understand our better selves and give hope to others that they are not alone through some of our sensitive pieces. 

AV celebrates the process of life, being unapologetically vulnerable while rebelliously adopting traits of feminism. 

AV seeks to share the awareness that affects race, gender, sexuality, mental health, feminity, and all the challenges we confront in our modern-day society. 

AV is an ongoing experiment that aims to shape, support and confront.

Overall, AV is a whole package of original thoughts from our writers from topics we can all relate to Fashion, Beauty, Cooking, Motherhood, Creative Writing and Lifestyle. 

Get To Know Our Founder

Jarelis Marie is a fashion and mental health enthusiast born on the sunny island of Puerto Rico. Jarelis grew up attracted to sequins embroidered flare denim, tall boots, voluminous clothing, exaggerated prints, unconventional graphic tees, all to spice up her fashion desires. 

By the age of 11, she demonstrated -naturally- an interest in fashion illustration and the kind of woman he aspired to dress one day. Her love for fashion design became concrete after being accepted into the Dressmaking programme at a technical school at 15 years old. After graduating from high school, this Aquarius woman pursued a career in fashion, graduating from Miami International University of Art and Design with a Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design, developing skills like Fashion Illustration, Textile Design, and Graphic Design.

Although fashion is exclusive and dreamy, Jarelis interests broaden to topics such as mental health, feminism and sharing unique experiences catered for those who might feel alone in their narratives. The ongoing struggle of fighting for a place in the world and the breakage of the patriarchy. All these unjust societal problems became the inspiration to share her creative process through Art, Words, and Fashion, which became this dot.com madness.