Akwardly Explained in Rice & Beans

Awkwardly Vain

|’ôkwerdlē | ‘vān |

In an ungainly manner; excessively proud of or concerned about one’s own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc. -Awkwardly Vain

Awkwardly founded in 2017 by Jarelis Marie, a gal who considers herself a Fashion Connoisseur. Jarelis Marie was born in the sunny island of Puerto Rico, where she grew up wearing sequins embroidered flare denim, faux fur in the middle of summer, all just to spice up her fashion desires. By the age of 11, Jarelis demonstrated an interest in fashion illustration, drawing disproportionate croquis with really good garments drawn on. She was admitted to a technical school by the age of 15, where she attended a Dressmaking course and learned how to sew and how to identify that her fashion sense was still a little odd. Guess what? She continued her fashion studies after graduating from high school, this Aquarius woman graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design with a Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design. I wish we could stop right here about her educational achievements but, it happens to be that she is also an Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

Fast-forward to the present day, Jarelis is established in Miami, Florida, where she had the idea/ dream -hard to describe- to share her passion for fash-un to the world. At that moment her brain cells made contact with each other, creating this dot.com madness. Awkwardly Voguish promotes empowerment and equality across the table. From topics including Fashion, Beauty, Cooking, Motherhood, and Lifestyle. 

Currently, Awkwardly Vain counts with team members and collaborators from Puerto Rico and Turkey. As a Brand, we celebrate humanity with love and acceptance.