AWKWARDLY Explained Vaguely

Awkwardly Vain

|’ôkwerdlē | ‘vān |

In an ungainly manner; excessively proud of or concerned about one’s own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc. -Awkwardly Vain

Awkwardly Vain (AV) can be easily defined as is an evolution of ideas that grows with the beauty and endeavour of this awkward life. It is basically a social experiment of the things that move, change, and inspire us angry and sensitive human beings. And by angry humans, we refer to our founder Jarelis Marie that in 2017 said twat world and created this safe space for her, AV writers, and -you- the AV readers. 

AV is more than just some pretty posts; AV is stomping -with our heavy boots- our past and current traumas while creating an awareness of mental health issues. AV is a high-powered set of genitals that stands behind minorities while highlighting the abuse from our system against race, gender, and sexuality. Yeah, we do not play games here, especially non the ones the patriarchy wishes to enforce all of us to participate in. 

But, obviously, when we are not heavily angry in our boots, we cater to our readers’ other delightful categories to fill your needs. You know, because we do not always dance to the same tunes. AV is a whole damn package of original thoughts from our writers of topics we can all relate to Fashion, Beauty, Cooking, Motherhood, Creative Writing, Entertainment and Lifestyle.