A Review; The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window

Heads up, spoiler alerts!

Pour me a glass of wine larger than Anna’s, and feel free to have one with me. But, before we go inside all of this story, I strongly recommend this series not be watched by someone that somehow lost a child; or might be currently coping with the loss.

Straight out from a terror movie literally, the satirical miniseries from #Netflix inspired by the thriller The Woman Across the Window adapted by Tracy Letts. Anna (Kristen Bell) and Douglas Whitaker (Michael Ealy) were once a perfect and beautiful family, filled with love and the most amazing memories attached to one thing, the great love they had for each other and their sweet daughter. This beautiful scenery is just a minuscule portion of a horrific tragedy that came their way involving their eight years old little girl Elizabeth (role play by Appy Pratt). 

Anna was an incredible and talented artist who faced a nightmare transforming her life into living between four walls. Bell -who plays an alcoholic- is trying to cope with the loss of her family. While doing so, she developed a strange phobia led by the guilt of her daughter’s tragedy, the separation between her and Douglas, who is also her therapist. Douglas prescribes Anna pills to help her cope with her anxiety and hallucinations about Elizabeth. After those huge life events, Anna becomes a solitary woman, surrounded only by her dear friend Sloane (Mary Holland) and Buell (Cameron Britton and Douglas first patient), a handyman who lived secretly in her attic. Also, a full glass of wine.

Anna’s life was about to change when she noticed (staring at the window all day) the handsome new neighbor Neil (Tom Riley) and his sweet beautiful Anna’s life was about to change when she noticed (staring at the window all day) the handsome new neighbour Neil (Tom Riley) and his charming, beautiful daughter Emma (Samsara Yett), that recently moved across the street and knocked at her doorstep. Drowning herself into that box of red wine, Anna was secretly mesmerised by the sexy new dad in town. Anna starts to spy on them through her window and witnesses -as she believes- a woman horrifically murdered.

The question that everybody asks by episode 3 is; was there any murder at all? Anna, as I mentioned, was mentally shocked by her tragedy that makes her vulnerable to feel attached to the sweet girl Emma. Also, her trauma was so immense that she hallucinated seeing her daughter around the house. These circumstances and the fact that there is no corpse whatsoever make the authorities doubt Annas sanity. Determined to find proof about what she saw, Anna manages to break inside Neil’s house. She followed him as he was trying to get rid of the body, but, yet again there was nothing. 

Anna tried to show the world what she saw and even began an online search; this search pointer her to be involved with a passionate stranger played by Benjamin Levy Aguilar. This stranger appears at her door with multiple threats and an insane truth about Lisa. After kidnapping her inside the house, he told her that Lisa was not dead, relieving a lot of stress from her as she felt so much safe with him, making love to her like no one else in a long time ago. The morning after, the passion was interrupted by the detective Lane (role play by Christina Anthony) taking Rex into custody, the ex-lover of the murdered woman Lisa (Neils’s girlfriend as well) and his partner in crime (role play by the beautiful Shelley Hennings.)

By episode 6, there was solid proof, and this one makes us wonder about Anna’s innocence. Regardless, a dark secret hid inside the attic that could incriminate her in the murder, but still, there was nobody. As flashbacks started to come into Annas’ mind, she found out about having company in her house all of this time, which created the perfect scenario to make Buell the killer. A storm was always Anna’s way, so she dragged herself to Neils to stop Buell from killing poor little Emma. But, heads up, when Anna got into the Neils house, the killer stabbed him. The killer appeared in front of Anna while she tried holding her breath. Surprisingly, Anna talks to the killer and discovers that Neils was murdered.

Years later -as every single drama show must follow- Anna and Douglas ended up having a baby, and they moved on to their new happily ever after, or the subsequent murder to be solved by Anna’s??

In episode 8, Anna is leaving town to paid Sloane a visit to New York, when she is surprised by a passenger that strangely was never on the plane. I think the show’s authors wanted to leave us with doubt about another chapter coming with the exceptional Glenn Close. I strongly found the series solved, and the final scenes are another prank from the editors to the audience about the way women’s drama shows usually ends.

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  1. It was an amazing first episode that kept you hooked throughout!! The ending is very creepy which I like. Thank you for recommending it I am definitely going to binge watch!!

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