This Year’s Fashion Scandal: A Florida Cold front.

As the Thanksgiving leftovers began disappearing and Christmas lights began to sparkle some serenity this year, temperatures dropped dramatically all around the nation. This past Monday, the 60’s reached our sunshine state, Florida and our residents don’t know how to act. I see it every year, snow boots are shown and real fur coats are displayed, and considering it is still Florida we’re talking about, it is all just too much for me to see. Floridian’s panic when the “winter” comes around and I’m here to say that the cold is no reason for panic. Dressing in the “winter” can actually be really fun, we won’t get to experience snow or skiing attire but I hope that these few tips help all of you at home come up with some fashionable outfits for this unexpected cold front.

Tip 1: Worry about the extremities:

When dressing for a cold day, worry about keeping your hands and feet warm. It’s the perfect time to bring out those cute fuzzy socks and maybe even get into the jolly spirit with some Christmas socks. My favorite socks have to be from Target, they have the fuzziest most comfortable Christmas socks of all time. As for the hands, it’s Florida people, so leave the winter gloves at home and look for a sweater or a jacket that has big cozy pockets. If you’re someone like me who is always carrying tons of stuff from point A to point B, having big pockets to throw everything in is a lifesaver. Not to mention that my hands will remain warm! 


 Tip 2: Leave the Ugg’s at home:  

Now before I begin this tip I have to say that I’ve been there, throwing some Ugg’s on during a cold morning could be the greatest feeling on earth. I could also say that there are so many more different options of booties that I think not only look a lot better but they will keep you just as warm. My favorite alternative to Ugg’s are small leather booties. I am more of a brown leather type of girl but I have seen these in all colors possible and they are just as comfortable and warming as any other. My favorite booties definitely have to be Steve Madden, but for a more affordable take Target and Nordstrom Rack always have the best deals on the best boots! You may even find some discounted Steve Maddens at Nordstrom Rack. 

Tip 3: Light Layering:

This tip has me feeling snatched and warm all at the same time! A smart way to stay warm is by layering clothes. Now remember that we are still talking about Florida here, not a lot of layering needs to be done. What I have been loving for layering has to be SKIMS by Kim Kardashian and light cotton shirts like camisoles. Although shapewear is not meant to keep you warm it definitely adds a layer to the skin. I like to wear the comfortable shapewear with almost everything. The layering goes as follows: shapewear, camisole or t-shirt, and usually a sweater. It helps me not feel like a snowman wearing layered sweaters and jackets because it makes feel snatched under all the layers but it’s also easy to remove a layer and still look good if and when it gets a little hot. 

Tip 5: Bring on the Denim & Leather !!:

It may just be me but I love to bring a jacket everywhere I go, you never know how cold it’s going to get right? Now is the perfect time to rock all the denim and leather jackets  you have. Not only does it look great but it’s also amazing at keeping one warm. This tip also goes for bottoms. Tis’ the season of leather pants and endless styles of jeans. A matching outfit anyone ?

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