What’s Happening? The Fashion Edit

Welcome Back to Fashion Thursday’s! We’ll be sharing an express recap of the little extraordinary things you probably missed with fashion personas and more! From new drops to a new Hong Kong traditional munching spot!

Jacquemus: Pink Christmas Capsule

Jacquemus launched his Pink Christmas capsule yesterday with a bold, Jacquemus signature aesthetic. The Pink Collection includes pieces a wide variety of accessories from crossbodies-to-flip flops-to-socks, and some ultra-chic lounging pieces.

Dot Dot: ”A bubble tea and waffle spot”

”We join the dots between health, taste, sourcing and sustainability so that you might fully enjoy these bubble treats.”

Susie Bubble, famously known fashion persona joined forces with Yandis Ying and brought traditional Hong Kong food to the streets of London. The recent food venture is gaining popularity on Instagram ”bit by bit” assuring us that they are here to celebrate Asian cuisine. ”Susie Lau and Yandis Ying met through their daughters attending the same nursery and connected over food and more specifically their love of Hong Kong food traditions.”

The Perfect Magazine

The Perfect Magazine was made possible by fashion, creative personas including Ben Cobb, Bryanboy, Graham Rounthwaite, Jeanie Annan-lewin, Founder and CEO Katie Eleanor Grand, Catherine Russell, Pam Boy, Paul Flynn. Perfect is describe as ”a living, breathing creative community. We bring a collective intelligence to everything we do. We reconfigure for each unique partnership, drawing from our global pool of talent. We believe in creating meaningful work with the power to challenge, entertain and transform. We move quickly and with purpose. We are many. We are one.”

Clectic Clips: The Holiday Collection

This Holiday Collection includes lots of texture, prints, metallics, and beaded items. Not only is the perfect gift idea, but it’s also handmade in Miami by its founder Paula Cecilia. Eclectic Clips was born earlier this year 2020 with the motto of ”on a mission to make hair accessories of your daily routine.”

Minju Kim: New Pop-Up + Latest Collection Drop

One of the world’s favourite Dragon Princess and winner of Next in Fashion -Minju Kim- has dropped her latest collection with a very Dragon Princess Pop-Up Store. The talented Southern Korean designer is best known for her delicate, yet, dreamy craftsmanship and colour palette that makes our hearts melt and our pockets a little poorer.

This is our quick recap of ”What’s Happening in the Fashion Industry.” Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more fashion news!

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