How To Organize Yourself When Time Becomes A Roadrunner

It always seems like time is not in our favor once we become an adult. Let us be honest being organized is hell-a-lot-of-work yet, being organized does not mean that you will become a boring soul. 

It stills super fresh and brand new but I finally found an old instrument that is actually helping me to keep myself on track. We all love RAD things, right? Well, prepare yourself. The year just started, and your responsible-self is about to be born or [in other particular cases] re-born.

time is fading away copy

This might not be the first time that you read about this topic. YAAAAAAS ! It has been around for the longest. This is no BS my friends. Time is money and,  we all need money to strive for a decent living. Guess what? Being messy about how you organize your time [if you even plan your time] would not take you so far.

One incredibly important thing that I learn while attending Univerisity was that deadlines were a serious thing. Deadlines are everything!! I remember the numerous times that I missed a deadline just because a) I really thought that I could remember them, b) I remembered them but I confuse the date and c) I was just too tired to even think of doing anything at all. The thrill does not just end there. Once you start living out of campus you will encounter scary deadlines like paying your bills on time including our beloved Netflix account. Even if you did not attend University, I am pretty sure you had to deal with this such thing called a deadline.

Suffer no more lads! Here are some tips for you to beat the crap out of those things. First things first we need something for you to write down your sh*t. For example, there are some cool ideas out there. You can simply start by buying a journal or notepad. I personally recommend you not to go wild about it, you are just getting used to the idea of writing important things down. Oh yeah, back to the cool ideas. There are actually some cool inspirational Instagram profiles like Bullet Journal Inspiration, Journal Sanctuary, and Perfect Apologies, among others. Wait, let me repeat that again, INSPIRATIONAL so let us avoid copying any of their artwork!

If you are not a crafty mate that is totally okay. Last year one of my closest co-workers introduced me to the word of Ban.dō. Ban.dō sells one of the cutest and creative agendas ever! They also include stickers, national days like national ice cream day or national best friend day. It seems a little crazy but when I had that agenda every month seemed to be pretty amazing with different days to celebrate. So go freaking ahead and check them out.

Getting straight to the point…

The only true way to stay on top of your adulthood game it is by writing everything down. Is time to grow up and admit that our brain is not so reliable as we think it is. Once you start marking those key days on your agenda or journal you will notice how everything flows better. It even helps you out keeping your finances organized and alleviates anyone from that feeling of “what the hell are you forgetting to do” or simply reminds you when your mom’s birthday is.



I want to hear your opinion. Do you think that an agenda actually help us out? Do you think that an agenda/journal is just something that your head will also forget about? Leave your comments! I am intrigued by all of your opinions!

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