The Art Basel Miami 2017 experiences

First of all, I want to mention how blessed I was to be invited to hang out around Art Basel Miami 2017. It was an astonishing, jaw-dropping, experience… honestly, I still cannot get over it! I came across with inspiring, colorful pieces that represented so many cultures and generations. There was such an artistic presence among the spectators, fashionable people from all over the world, it was like a runway in the middle of an art extravaganza.

Now, let’s talk fashion. Miami’s warm winter was totally not part of the picture but, guess what?! It is layering weather season! If there is something that I feel passionate about it is wearing layers. And what is better than that? For this occasion, I opted for a denim on denim look, with a printed tee, and white triple-sole leather active shoes.

Because I want you to look cute, here is where you can find this look:

White Triple-Sole Leather Active Shoes

Black Ribbon Denim Jacket

Denim Skirt

Printed Tee


Jarelis of Miami