My Wildest Dream? Creating Custom Designs For Drag Queens

My fascination for Drag Queens and shows started with my 21st birthday celebration, which I said many times I wanted to see my first drag show. Unfortunately, for reasons that I cannot remember that was not the case, and I am sure I end up working. However, I am not always a workaholic and finally attended my first Drag Show Brunch at R House, a restaurant in Wynwood, Miami, where art, food, and drag performances come together.

After that first experience, my fascinations are still much more alive than ever before. Drags are fierce, drags bring joy to my heart and their fashion never disappoints! I have been in drag shows in Miami, Toronto, Amsterdam and almost attend one in Montreal if it was not that the venue was already to capacity. I have also been in stage with a drag in Toronto, dancing my soul out, having a jolly time. During my trip to Amsterdam, I received a shout-out from Janey Jacké because I recognized her remarkable eyebrows, and she is also BFF’s with the chicest drag in Miami, Athena Dion.

Drag Queens transmit the confidence that I was once lacking, back when I felt less than what my value is. Sounds a bit dramatic init? Well, we have not all been our best at some points, life punches you in the guts repetitively before you can even stand up to catch your breath. I cannot imagine the courage that takes to be a drag knowing that half of the world does not agree with your ideals yet, you rather live in your comfort and happiness despite how backwards the world is. I call it the unbounded confidence boost that keeps on gifting with more energy every single time. Honestly, I know it is not an easy task being in character when probably their world might be crumbling down, but the show must -fabulously- go on; believe me, I have never seen a drag out of focus, not even out of breath. My kind of superwomen!

My admiration does not come in vain. I have fantasized about becoming a custom designer for drag queens for maybe a couple of years now. There is something about making performance, elegant and unique pieces for each queen’s personality that calls my name. Design plays a huge role when it comes to expressing someone’s personality or storytelling, almost like theatre, where you have to be conscious of the character story to be able to translate that energy in a garment. Where a chiffon piece might demonstrate passion and sensitivity, a skin-tight faux leather will make you scream “yes queen” from the top of your lungs. Drags do not play games when it comes to serving a goddamn look worth to commemorate forever and always; like I somewhat mention before, you might not identify a drag by her name yet, I can assure you her sense of style will never leave your conscious. That is the most inspiring motivation of all, knowing that I can create something so precious that can emote self-expression and remembrance.

Time to meet my favourite Drag Queens, and my major inspos!

Athena Dion | Miami – Mikonos

Angie Ovahness Pryce | Miami

Morphine Love | Miami – LA

Juicy Love Dion | Miami

Juno Birch | Manchester

Janey Jacké | Amsterdam – International

Cheddar Gorgeous | Manchester

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