Awkwardly Jarelis’s Obsession With Bad Bunny’s “Yo Perreo Sola” Music Video

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Yo Perreo F<3cking Sola! Seriously! The song itself was remarkable but, have you seen the music video? Wow, wow and many times, wow! Yesterday, I was just minding my business when I came across Bad Bunny’s IG picture of himself dressed as a woman, with titties greater than life. I do not care about his sexuality at all (he is heterosexual at the end of the day), but I do value him as an artist. He is one of those few Latino performers that support genderless fashion and human rights throughout his career. Still, this speaks (by far) louder than his red carpet looks. Take a peek at his IG posts or his performance looks and, you will see what I mean. Bad Bunny is ballsy AF and, I am absolutely loving it!

Enough with all this BB praise and more about why I love his video! As the video progressed, there were two major (written) messages. One of them reads ni una menos and, the other one reads si no quiere bailar contigo respeta, ella perrea sola. The first one means not one (women) less which, is a movement started in Argentina and has spread worldwide. The second one basically means if she does not wants to dance with you, respect her decision. Yeeeessssssssss, for woman empowerment, understood by a man! Not only that, at the beginning of the video BB is dressed as a woman in full red latex with a Jean Paul Gaultier inspired top. He is dancing and singing to the lyrics of the song when a bunch of topless guys is approaching him to dance. And boooooom! BB push them out saying proudly, yo perreo sola! Another highlight from this video, it does not matter how the f<3k I am dressed, is not an invitation to get close to me nor some type of provocation. 

Time for my rage to unravel according to the positive message received from this music video. 

This is very important for all of the females out there, including trans-women. We really had enough of people misunderstanding the definition of the words, boundaries, and respect. I want someone to explain to me how a mini skirt can be inviting for others to forget about respect. Whether it is slut-shaming from female-to-female or guys thinking that it is fun for them to grab someone’s butt just because it looks nice on a mini skirt. No one is giving you an invitation to kill, kidnap, or rape someone just because of what she is wearing or how she looks. The only invitation I can give you is to f<3k yourself if you have ever thought this way about women. I remember once I was on my way to meet up with someone wearing a midi skirt. I was walking down a crowd on the sidewalk when a random person lifts my skirt and smacks my butt cheeks. I felt so vulnerable and unable to do anything at all. I look everywhere for someone to blame, it was nearly impossible to find someone responsible for their actions. My skirt was not inviting even less short. 

I really wish I could talk about the innumerable times that I have been victimized for being the weak sex. It is not worth it anymore, I learn that it hurts when you hear things like she does not, has the strength to fulfill the job requirements and, that is about it. Words will always hurt but, it hurts even more when you tell someone no, and they do not listen. Moments like this built you up and, helps you to become stronger each day. It is important to protect each other, stop looking at whether you support their sexuality or not. A trans-woman stills a woman no matter what you think, that is the way they identify. Period! It is not like they are inviting you to a guessing game just, learn how to respect. For gosh sakes! No one should be a victim of this cruel world in the hands of psychopaths. 

Wrapping my rage up and cooling down.

Respect and consent. Make these words something that you use daily. We do not need more women fearing to travel, dance, or walk to their car alone. We do not need anyone from the LGBTQ community fearing on getting in public transportation at night time because of the consequences that ignorant people can bring to them. Enough is enough! I invite you to speak up for those who cannot, to listen and observe when someone feels in trouble. In all honesty, I wish more men were as open as Bad Bunny in this video. We live in an advance world to be fighting equality, consent, and basic human rights. This all starts with a change of heart for good. Let us celebrate diversity, but most of all, let us love each other as we come. 

Feel free to share your stories in the comment section below. As I often mention, this is a safe environment for everyone, including or viewers. We would love to hear/read what you think!


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