The Pure Love of a Bias

If you are into K-Pop or are acquainted with it you probably have heard the word “bias”. But if you’re not so much into this type of music, you might get confused when hearing the word.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word “bias” means an inclination of temperament or outlook. In K-Pop, it kinda goes that same way but it have a bigger meaning.

What is a bias then? To simplify it, it’s your favorite member in a group.

Jae from Day6

How do you decide this? It takes time. You might start saying your bias is someone just choosing them by their looks. Mostly it will start like that, you will feel attracted to one of them and will start to look more about them. Maybe you’ll end up biasing someone completely different to the first one you laid eyes on, but that’s okay, it’s part of the process.

Having a bias is something similar to a platonic love. It’s an idealized love, based on fantasy, it’s perfect and pure. You don’t see their imperfections and you give them your full support no matter what.

People might think you’re obsessed and might even call you crazy for loving someone who doesn’t even know you exist, but you don’t care because it’s enough to give them your support without expecting something back. The only thing you care is to make them feel loved and appreciated.

You might not realized it, but your bias will be your ideal type, they will have all the qualities you want in your significant other. For example, I have a tendency to like the funny guy.

Johnny from NCT

A bias is someone who means a lot to you. You worry for them as if they were your close to you. If they get too skinny, you will start to worry. You will always wonder if they ate, if they rested well, or if they feel fine. You think of them as your best friend, and even though you know it will never be real, you’re always for them. When they don’t update for a while, you start wondering where are they or if they are doing okay.

There’s a purity in this kind of love, as you try to protect them from anyone who might want to hurt them. If you could put them in your pocket, you definitely would!

The magical thing about it is that it can be anyone no matter their gender. You can be bias a guy or a girl and it will be completely acceptable. Sometimes biasing is about admiring. You might start to like their style and try new things or you can start learning something new because they inspired you. After all, Koreans are beautiful and fashionable!!

Fun Fact: I asked my friends to send pictures of their bias

Your love will be so big, you might even start dreaming about them! It’s so wholesome! And even though you know they probably won’t become true, you hold on to them as a beautiful memory.

A bias is a spark of hope in difficult times. Sometimes, when you’re feeling bad or uneasy, your bias might brighten up your day by posting a picture or a video. They might have no clue, but somehow they are always there when you most need them. For example, a lot of Puerto Rican ARMYs held on to the album ‘Love Yourself: Her’ by BTS during times of hurricane Maria and somehow kept them sane in the middle of the chaos. In these days of quarantine, what have been giving us strength is music and the words of the artists we love.

BTS for Paper Magazine 2019

The idea of meeting them is overwhelming. Let me tell you about the time I got to meet the group A.C.E. Even though it was a fast hi-five, i felt a great connection with one of them by the way he smiled and looked at me. It was magical and I don’t remember anything else but his face. Or another experience I had where I got to hug all the members of Great Guys, I don’t remember anything but there are videos and pictures that show it really happened. Or let’s remember the time where I finally could get tickets to see BTS! I started crying and shaking because, woah! I’m finally seeing them! And is that hope of meeting them someday and telling them how much they mean to you what keeps you alive basically.

A bias can even lead you to learn a new language to understand them better and to learn about their culture. It the same joy of seeing something without subtitles and understand it anyways!

A bias also can bring new friends, as it makes you connect with other people with whom you share the same bias. You start by sharing pictures and videos and then you find yourself talking daily, and a new friendship was born!

In summary, having a bias is something wholesome and pure. It is completely normal and even healthy. You love the idea of them and they appreciate the love you offer. And while you know you probably won’t be the love of their life, you don’t end that ideal relationship because, after all, is pure and it brings you happiness.

To our bias: we love you and we will forever cherish the moments you gift us. Thanks for existing! 💖

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