Julia Garner Ozark’s Start Actress Comes Back Ruling In The New Netflix Mini Series ‘Inventing Anna’ With Her Role As Anna Delvey

The exceptional young actress that took our breaths away with her rough and sad story as Ruth in the Netflix Crime Series Ozark keeps surprising us with her interpretation in the limited series of the real story behind Anna Sorokin. 


First of all, let’s talk about our girl Julia Garner, the extraordinary actress who cannot stop leaving her fans without a word with her unparalleled roles. The young and beautiful Julia was born in 1994 in the Riverdale neighbourhood of the Bronx in New York. Daughter of a successful therapist and artist in Israel Tami Gingold, and her father and art teacher and painter Thomas Garner from Ohio. 

Garner took acting lessons at Columbia Film School when she was just 15 years old, looking for a way to cope with her shyness as stated in her interview with BUILD. At 15, she did a casting that did not go as expected. Fortunately, two years later, she made her debut in the film Martha Marcy May Marlene at 17 years old. She has been recognized as the winner of two Emmy Awards in 2019; for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama. In addition, she received a Golden Globe Award nomination in 2020 for Best Supporting Actress, thanks to her fantastic performance in Ozark

The young artist has become famous in only her twenties for her memorable interpretation as the fearless Ruth Langmore in the crime drama Ozark’s since 2017. Also, in 2015 – 2018, the FX drama series The Americans, the Netflix miniseries Maniac in 2018, and Dirty John ended in 2019. Recently, Garner played the title role in the Netflix top miniseries based on real-events of the ultimate scammer, Anna Delvey. 

Inventing Anna has recently become one of the top limited series on Netflix and keeps remained at number 2 since its premiere. The show takes us inside the real story of a young wealthy german heiress Anna Delvey -who- left everything to fulfil her dreams (starting) in Paris as an intern on Purple Magazine and (ending) as an entrepreneur/con artist in New York Elites. 


Anna, Anna Sorokin, as her real name, is was born in Russia in 1991. She and her family (like many many others) moved away, running with a dream in their minds. In the Sorokin case, that place was Germany; they moved when she was only 16 years old, and her father started a trucker’s company. Her mother owned a small town convenience store. Anna was characterized as a sweet girl who was having problems learning German. When Sorokin graduated moved right away to college in London in 2011 when she dropped out and moved to become Anna Delvey.

In 2013, Delvey arrived in New York intending to start a successful business called ADF; to do that, Anna needed to get close to social elites. Anna’s fake appearance and accent helped her infiltrate herself into high-status socialites quickly, defrauding bankers, hotels, and even friends. Like, her closer person Rachel DeLoache Williams, who accused Anna directly of stealing $62,000 by forcing her to pay for a whole vacation trip to Morocco. Anna has a wealthy and expensive life, she created a character and got used to it. Delvey was mean and racist. She was coping with a personality that most of the social elites have shown to the world, and her intelligence, of course, makes her fake profile fit with her whole dark intentions. Anna, strongly believes she did not do anything wrong by stealing a lot of money from her loved ones. As she says: 

“There is nothing wrong in making it by faking it”

Anna Delvey was convicted in 2019 for three accounts of theft services, grand larceny, and attempted grand larceny. But that was not the end of Delvey; this girl manages to transform her court days as a fashion week runway. Anna was really into the character of the wealthy german heiress, who did not stand by using court dresses by her outfit. On her first trial, Anna and her team panicked, wondering what she was about to use in court, they were able to get in contact with her fashion designer Anastasia Walker, someone who runs with $200.00 trying to find her something less guilty to wear. Walker helps her take out her horrifying khakis uniform from Rikers Island and dresses her as the royal queen Anna thinks she is with the help of a Michael Kors shift dress. The next day, she paired a sheer black Saint Laurent top with a pair of Victoria Beckham trousers, accessorized with a nerdy ensemble with a black choker necklace and her usual black glasses. By the time the trial ended, Sorokin was found a fashion icon by the stunning looks worn on the court more as the narcissist she proved she was to the world. 

Insider Jacob Shamsian Instagram

In 2021, she served 4 years at Rikers correctional facility, with an early release for good behaviour. She was ordered to pay back in restitution the $200,000 she owed. And for whatever reason, she was not found guilty of stealing from her friend Rachel. However, Anna managed to have short-living freedom, taken back into custody for overstaying her visa in the United States. She is currently awaiting deportation. Reportedly, she sold her life story to Netflix for more than 300k American dollars.

What does Rachell DeLoache Williams have to say about Inventing Anna?

Rachell DeLoache Williams is a writer, editor, and photographer who met Sorokin while working at Vanity Fair Magazine. As I mentioned before, Williams was one of the closet friends of Anna Delvey. Until her friend stuck her with a $62,000 trip to Morocco planned to be a treat -of course- by Anna Delvey. Back in New York City, she was the one that notified the local police helping them locate and arrest Sorokin in Los Angeles, and even went all her way to testify against her in court. She wrote an article about her experiences with her “friend” Anna Delvey/Sorokin for Vanity Fair in 2018. Since then, she has written for Time and Air Mail and wrote My Friend Anna: the True Story of the Fake Heiress of New York City

Williams first got interested in Delvey because of her social media content; she was intrigued and believed Anna was super-rich. Sadly, this friendship expired when Anna forced Michael to pay for the whole trip even though she was not found guilty about it. When she first heard about Inventing Anna, was going to be a film about exposing Anna’s version of her crimes on TV and a “dangerous distortion” because Anna “did not need our celebration”, as she said in her interview at Good Morning America.

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