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Fashion And The Cities: Looks From Around The World To Get Inspired By

Nothing beats street style fashion like capturing someone on a random day of the week. I am travelling next week and living in Florida, U.S.A., it is all about dressing in summer ceaselessly. Some people love this kind of weather all year long, but fashion-wise, in the secrete society of loving layers, WE CRAVE OTHER […]

Fueling My Feminist Agenda

The following is an opinionated essay on what I have learned and some views leading me to become a feminist.  There is a vast emotion deep within me that grows when I read the news, come across videos, engage in conversations, and read online comments. It is hard to believe how patriarchism and misogynism are […]

Cansada de “el qué dirán”: Generación Z

Si naciste entre 1996 y 2012, entonces eres considerado como parte de la Generación Z. Una generación tan fuerte como frágil, tan humana como diferente. La misma que ha estado evolucionando constantemente a través de cambios drásticos en la sociedad y sucesos que han marcado un antes y después en la historia de la humanidad, […]

The Message Behind Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the movies and see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This movie marks a new arch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as we hadn’t been introduced to Shang-Chi before (at least in the MCU). Everyone needs to see this movie and I’m not […]

A una decisión de distancia: ¿Nuevos miedos o nuevas experiencias?

El fin del verano marca un nuevo comienzo, una nueva persona renace cada que está dispuesta. Decidí entonces ser una nueva. No por mucho, ni invencible, ni perfecta, ni libre de miedos; todo lo contrario. Ahora mis miedos no me impiden ir a ningún lado, y si se niegan a desaparecer pues me acompañan hasta […]

Lack of Motivation: I Have a Plan For You

To be young and unmotivated, to be depressive and an overthinker, to be in a moment in your life represented by chaos, to be a people pleaser, to everything going to hell. These are some common factors that push us over our mental bridge, automatically self-referring ourselves as inactive members of society. But, did you […]

To my Forever Light.

Para El Niño: Today was my first day of University and I wish I could share that with you. It’s been a week now since I’ve known and some part of me still thinks the news are false. It’s possible that some part of me will always feel that way. I take it as an […]

Not Too Old, Not Too Anything!

Recently, I dyed my hair green. Many remarked how brave I was for doing that because they wouldn’t dare to do it. Between the comments I received there were some “Oh! I wished I was as brave as you, but I’m too old for that” and the one that shocked me the most, “Aren’t you […]

The New Generation of Cosplayers

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Comics & Anime Expo in Ponce, Puerto Rico. This is the first convention after the pandemic and as cosplayers, we were all excited. Even though the event took place at a mall, everyone had the time of their lives because we got to go out dressed […]

The Olympics in Tokyo: A Feast for Anime Lovers & Gamers

The Olympics are always so culturally rich because we get to experience the culture where they are celebrated in. This year, they are being held in Tokyo, Japan, the base of anime and manga, and the creators of many well-known videogames. They had taken the chance to make their most famous creations shine during the […]

The Witch, Part 6: Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner

Welcome back to The Witch! This part is a little bit longer than the others, so I’ll keep my introduction short, though may I just say it makes me super happy that people like yourselves have taken the time to read through to this part of my magical tale. Thank you so much! Once again, […]

Keeping My Head Up; Feeling Like A Loser

The following semi-confrontation of ideas happened in between the last two weeks. Back and forth, trying to compose something purely from my feelings that only made sense. As I digested the text, I understood that my inspiration comes from the society surrounding me and our modern conflict. “What a time to be alive.” Something I […]

A La Escritura; “Más Lejos De ella, Más Lejos De Mí”…

Es más lo que la escritura me ha dado, que lo que yo le podría deber jamás. No hay deuda calculable, pues no hay paga suficiente para lo que ha hecho por mí. Me he alejado de ella, sabiendo que volvería algún día. Sabiendo que aún hasta con la mínima musa, hacia ella me atraería. […]

The BS’ing Is Now Over, Or Almost Over, IDK, Maybe Not

Recently I have found myself scared about my social surroundings, about what could have been, daydreaming of the thousands of different lifestyle path, better decisions, and whatever my brain could attack me with during the past weeks. Could this be a blown-out, or could this be the medium I will tell my truth? Read along, […]

George Floyd is finally resting in peace

After being murdered by four police officers, Floyd’s family has finally found closure and justice in his case. I don’t know if you could tell but, I remember the date when George Floyd was killed and the video of his murder all over the media. It was not just another murder during the quarantine, we […]

The Witch, Part 4: Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner

I stared at the dagger clutched in my hand, blocking out the noise of the broom sweeping behind me and the fears rolling through my head that they wouldn’t stop by the time Madame returned. The dagger was beautiful, with dark blue gemstones decorating the hilt and reflective, silver metal showing my face back to me. 

¡Curiosidades sobre la protagonista de ‘YES DAY’: Jenna Ortega!

Netflix ha estado ofreciendo al público una nueva película cada semana en 2021. Filmes que van desde el drama hasta para toda la familia. Un ejemplo de esto es la película Yes Day, la cual actualmente se encuentra posicionada en el número uno del top diez de Netflix y es protagonizada por Jenna Ortega. Sin […]

The Witch, Part 3: Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner

I caught a flash of strawberry hair, a frock of pale pink. Plants grew in her wake, sprouting behind her dirt-caked heels. I was chasing my mother, but she was not my mother. She looked younger, livelier. I called out to her, but she did not turn back to me. She only kept running. Towards what, I knew not. I knew only that is was more important than me, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I sped up and in a moment, I began to feel the ground around me in a way I did not understand. I willed my legs to go faster, screaming my mother’s name until my throat went hoarse. I was gaining distance on her until I could see her plainly. 

An Overlook To Spring Trends From Small Businesses / SS2021

Spring, whether you hate it because of the unnecessary and annoying sinus that comes with it, or you -simply- love it because of all the goodies that bring along -like- the following pieces I curated over the weekend. There is nothing more satisfying than to find little hidden gems from every corner around the world, […]

The Witch, Part 2: Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner

Welcome to the next installment of “The Witch,” a story about an isolated witch and the French girl that needs to find her. If you haven’t read the last installment of my story, I recommend checking out Part 1 first! Last time, on “The Witch,” a girl named Manon Chevalier took a dangerous trek through […]

Handbag Brands To Be On The Lookout

From my personal favourite selection to their inspiring about/stories here are my top March freshly handbag brands/designers that are a must-have!  After searching for hours on the web, I was fascinated with the intricate designs each of these brands have to offer; from innovative, quirky, elegant and colourful, to styles that you would never imagine they were […]

The Witch, Part 1: Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner

I was walking through the dark woods. Branches crunched under my feet as I heard crows cawing in the distance. They were telling me to run away, or maybe they were laughing at me, certain that in moments some terrible monster would pounce at me and swallow me whole. The hairs on my body stood on end as I listened to every noise around me, afraid that a painful and terrible death was only footsteps away.

Lunar Year: Year of the Ox

I’m sure many of you have started to hear about the Lunar Year, popularly known as the Chinese New Year. This event is very meaningful for the Asian culture and this 2021 will start on February 12 as the Year of the Ox. It is called the Lunar Year because it marks the first new […]

Detalles que NO sabías sobre ‘Destino: La Saga Winx’

La popular caricatura italiana El Club Winx, creada por Iginio Straffi, que dio ocho temporadas (con una novena ya en preproducción) y varias películas con animación en 3D, recién se ha presentado al mundo del ‘live action’ a través de Netflix con ‘Destino: la Saga Winx’. Una serie que ha logrado posicionarse en el Top […]

Must See Pieces From Paris Haute Couture SS21

Paris Haute Couture SS21 was an extraordinary celebration of humanity, imagination, and an invitation to look forward to a brighter future. Within collections, an appreciation of rebirth, meticulous craftmanship, magical adventures, colours, elegant silhouettes, and soft-airy fabrics that left us speechless and at ease. While some of the shows were presented without an audience or […]

Things That Should Be Prehistoric: Crushing Others For Your Benefit

Crushing others for your -own- benefit is one of the most disgusting acts any human being can partake on. However, I believe we all have fallen victim or victimized someone into doing something that would elevate us to the next step. One of the numerous questions I often ask my self is if we recognize […]

Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner: The Phantom Waltz

The boy gaped, eyes wide, at the hall ten times as big as his father’s farm. The ceilings, a shade like the sky at midnight, arched above the boy, stretching on and on into an expanding infinity. The walls were painted with script in languages that bent the boys brain, languages humans should not understand. The air smelled of the comfortable cold, crisp and clean and sharp. The boy took a great inhale, basking in the chill after the sweltering heat of the ancient town. Then, there were the dancers. All around the boy, specters swirled in glittering ballgowns and elaborate, blooming suits.


Siempre estamos al tanto de lo que nos falta. Cada minuto que pasa, sin importar dónde estemos o con quién. Siempre sabremos que nos hace falta o más bien, como ocurre mayormente, qué desearíamos tener. Sin embargo, muchos estamos más acostumbrados a quejarnos que a agradecer. Cuando nos ocurren cosas buenas por un largo periodo […]

New Year, Same Mess

This world and the system we grew up in, made me think that I just wasn’t meant for this life. It sounds as if I’m blaming everything but me but just, keep reading. I have always been a very sensible human being, I know we all are, but really I was a mess. I cry […]

Video Games are Actually Good for Mental Health

Studies made by Oxford University showed that video games are good for mental health. Gamers were put up to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Plants vs Zombies. After playing a certain amount of hours they reported to feel happier. Many fear that videogames lead to addiction and bad mental health, but au contraire, they […]

Four Female-Lead 2020 Shows, Their Fashion And How They Made Me Feel

2020, apart from being a gross year -in which- I learnt that pessimist is somewhat part of my personality trait in a minuscule scale, I also ventured myself into watching the following shows either from a curiosity standpoint, followed by, hyper-marketing-social-slams. For the past couple of weeks, I have been MIA beneath the surface of […]

Nuestra bandera Puertorriqueña cumple 125 años de haberse creado

“Que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera, es la bandera Puertorriqueña…” Hoy despierto en un bello amanecer del sol caribeño, su brisa inigualable y su rica y cálida tradición navideña. A pesar de que los tiempos han sido los más difíciles en este año 2020. Que rico que podemos celebrar la tradición que […]

7 datos que DESCONOCÍAS sobre Kylie Jefferson, ACTRIZ principal en la POPULAR serie de Netflix ‘TINY PRETTY THINGS’

Kylie Jefferson se está estableciendo rápidamente como una de las estrellas más prometedoras de la televisión en este momento. Se ha robado el corazón de sus fanáticos y sin duda ha dado de que hablar con su gran actuación en ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ en Netflix. ¡Conoce un poco más de esta talentosa actriz y bailarina […]

¡10 profundas frases de grandes FILÓSOFOS sobre el AMOR que harán que CAMBIES tu PERSPECTIVA sobre él!

Todos somos capaces de experimentar el amor, y muchas veces antes de siquiera llegar a identificarlo o comprenderlo. Para esto, antes se necesitaba de muchísimos estudios y experiencia. No obstante, hoy día tenemos la dicha de tener acceso a todo ese conocimiento y experiencias de grandes maestros filósofos para nuestro propio crecimiento y aprendizaje. El […]

How to Keep Reading for Pleasure in College

If you couldn’t tell by pretty much every single article I post, I am an avid reader. However, in my first semester of college, I realized how tough it is to keep reading for fun as my workload grew and grew. For the first couple of months, I strained to even finish one book in […]

What’s Happening? The Fashion Edit

Welcome Back to Fashion Thursday’s! We’ll be sharing an express recap of the little extraordinary things you probably missed with fashion personas and more! From new drops to a new Hong Kong traditional munching spot! Jacquemus: Pink Christmas Capsule Jacquemus launched his Pink Christmas capsule yesterday with a bold, Jacquemus signature aesthetic. The Pink Collection […]

This Year’s Fashion Scandal: A Florida Cold front.

As the Thanksgiving leftovers began disappearing and Christmas lights began to sparkle some serenity this year, temperatures dropped dramatically all around the nation. This past Monday, the 60’s reached our sunshine state, Florida and our residents don’t know how to act. I see it every year, snow boots are shown and real fur coats are […]


Esta semana de acción de gracias es sumamente especial. No solo porque algunos cenarán pavo o algunos tenemos días libres, si no por la importancia del agradecimiento. Algo que más que un día o dos feriado, debería ser una práctica DIARIA. Para comprender el poder de la palabra “gracias”, es importante comprender su etimología. Dicho […]

Conoce sobre las fiestas navideñas, y la cantidad ‘norma’ para regalar a nuestros peques esta Navidad

La Navidad es una de mis estaciones del año favoritas. Amo la alegría, la magia y la vida que esta época brinda a las familias alrededor del mundo entero. La Navidad ha sido una de las épocas con mayor influencia en distintas culturas, tradiciones y comunidades cristianas (católicos romanos, anglicanos, protestantes etc.). A pesar de […]

Harry Styles: Blurred Lines, Genderless Norms

Harry Styles made history this weekend, as he became the first man to appear solo on the December cover of the Vogue magazine. Not only that, but he also posed wearing dresses and skirts, generating a lot of reactions. Harry Styles has always been all about tearing down gender norms, there’s no boundaries, especially within […]

10 YA and Adult Books Worth the Hype

1. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by VE Schwab The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is undoubtedly VE Schwab’s most hyped-up book. While most of her other books took a little while to gain traction within the YA community, this book took no time shooting up to the top of the NY Times Best […]

A Better Republic: Recycled Fashion.

I have shared very personal and sentimental parts of my life with the readers of this blog, but I’ve never talked about my job. I have been working in the retail industry for 3 years now but in the same store for 2. I work for Gap Inc., one of the most commonly known American […]

My Awkward taste on Netflix Review: Operation Christmas Drop Film

As the most beautiful time of the year just started and my heart was born prepared for it, I recently added to my Christmas Eve Movie List Operation Christmas Drop on the Netflix platform. Starting with Erica Miller (Kat Graham) a congressional assistant working in Washington, DC, running through the city following a Christmas wish […]

Party in the USA: World Leaders Congratulate Biden on Winning

After a long wait…the US streets were flogged by the people celebrating what could be the start of a new era. People danced, screamed, cried, and even were hitting saucepans.  After the announcement, the President-elect Joe Biden and the Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were congratulated on their victory by many world leaders. Kamala Harris made […]

¡POSTRES maravillosos para LUCIRTE en Acción de Gracias!

Sin duda, con estos postres harás de tu cena de Acción de Gracias una inolvidable. Una buena cena se queda incompleta sin un buen postre, y si el amor entra por la cocina, con estás dulzuras no te faltará. ¡Escoge tu favorito y a cocinar! ¡No olvides mostrarnos los resultados etiquetándonos en Instagram como, AWKWARDLY […]

20 Writing Prompts to Break Through Writer’s Block

Writer’s block: the dreaded enemy of authors, journalists, and writers everywhere. Sometimes, it can seem like a monster too big to face, some unvanquishable giant that stops you at every turn. I, for one, went through a huge bout of writer’s block a year ago, unable to write for like three months (with the exception […]

Top 5 Most Innovative Beauty Products Of The Decade.

I am a freshman in college, and this fall semester is LITERALLY kicking my behind! Unfortunately, due to COVID, a lot of things have changed in the education system. From in-person classes to zoom, the ability for a professor to properly proctor an exam, and most importantly in my opinion from the thousands of other […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Voting

As the Elections are breathing on our necks today, there are some tips that you should know before you celebrate your right! This year I voted for the first time and -oh boy- I wish I went there better prepared. I went last Thursday to vote with my beautiful chocolate skin friend, Ross, to do […]

Best of Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2020

Halloween was not all the way cancelled for these celebrities! We browsed social media looking for the best Halloween costumes of 2020, and we had a blast while looking at celebrity Insta stories and more! Chrissy Teigen as The Black Swan Kendall Jenner as Pamela Anderson Giovanna Engelbert as Cher Alexa Chung as Queen Elizabeth […]

¡10 breves MICRORRELATOS de TERROR ideales para esta NOCHE!

¿A caso todo el terror proviene únicamente de las películas, series u obras? Si ninguna de las anteriores te parece una opción atractiva, he aquí otra excelente forma de adentrarnos en el terror. Un poco más sutil; hasta dónde le permitas llegar a tu imaginación. La lectura, es una vía la cual tanto para amantes […]

Uprooted by Naomi Novik (Book Review)

Rating: ★★★★★ If you don’t want a man dead, don’t bludgeon him over the head repeatedly. Naomi Novik, Uprooted Genre: Fantasy Summary: “Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river. But the corrupted wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her […]

Manrepeller: A Decade of Glory & Unfortunate Tumble

Man Repeller was this extraordinary place we -the fashion enthusiasts- found our hors d’oeuvre to later-on plate our first course. Founded on the solemn vision -and mission- of elevating our day-to-day outfits with the spiciness to create trends woman love but man hate with our unique take in fashion inspired by the one-and-only, its founder […]

New Mum-To-Be: Emily Ratajkowski & Her Flawless Self

Emily Ratajkowski, a model, actress, mum-to-be, activist, and the -utmost- confident, and a guru in the female body and sexuality empowerment; is now expecting a baby with Sebastian Bear – McClard! Like many of us -I am aware I could not be the only one- Emily is that kind of woman you have heard or […]

Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

Halloween is just around the corner! And though this year the spooks are going to be celebrated differently due to the pandemic, we won’t be stopped from putting on our costume and get candy! Or we might just put on a costume to watch a horror film marathon. The whole point of throwing on a […]

Están acabando con VIDAS inocentes… ¡DETENGAMOS EL SARS!

NIGERIA, África: 206 millones de habitantes, epicentro de tenencias culturales, económicas y políticas, el mayor productor de petróleo en el continente y hogar de millones de personas maravillosas, nos necesita a TODOS. Puede que te hayas percatado a través de alguna red social o incluso noticiero, de un movimiento social a través de protestas y […]

Les comparto sobre el inicio del feminismo, sus precedentes y propulsoras importantes #Lucha #Equivalencia

En estos tiempos hemos enfrentado una crisis global alarmante. Donde vemos como —en especial el género femenino—están siendo el ‘target’ primordial de muertes por crímenes pasionales —especialmente en Puerto Rico—. Sin embargo, tras los movimientos feministas protestar hemos visto una gran nube de confusión en las redes sociales. Ante esta gran ola de confusión y […]

Nuestro reflejo… Nosotros.

Somos tan diferentes y tan similares al mismo tiempo. Juzgamos al otro y nos enfadamos por cosas que en el lugar de esa persona, probablemente haríamos también. Siquiera es difícil la mayoría de las veces comprender qué el otro necesita, con ponernos en su lugar es suficiente. Hay una frase que dice: “EMPATÍA es ser […]

Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner: A Mournful Sonata

Hi guys! This new addition to Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner is a really short story about a girl and her violin. I really enjoyed writing this, especially since I was listening to fast, classical violin music on YouTube while I worked. This story has nothing to do with the rest of my stories. It belongs […]

Paris #SS21 Fashion Week

Paris, a city so inspiring, romantic, yet so chic. From bold and strong silhouettes to classic tailoring, embroidery, and more; #PFWSS21 gave us the punch of style and originality the world did not know it needed it! Louis Vuitton Metallics Extravagant Bold Prints & Colours Miu Miu Colour Blocking Straight Lines Geometrical Prints Ruffled Details […]

My Body, My Choice, My Right.

Sex was never taught to me. I never had the said, “sex talk” with my parents, and the Sex ED course in high school wasn’t really an option. Yes, the topic was brought up in science class but always cut short because of said class clowns. I may have been shown PowerPoint presentations and very […]

Dress like a K-Pop idol

Stores where you can find different items at affordable prices to look like you’re just about to hit the stage! As a K-Pop fan, I can’t stop wishing to have the wardrobe of many idols. Their style is insanely good! But sometimes, might be a little pricey. And that’s why I’m here, to tell you […]

Life on Campus: Expectations V. Reality

My college experience thus far is certainly not what I expected it to be but, to be honest, I think it’s awesome nonetheless. If you would have asked me seven months ago how I pictured my college experience, I would have gone on and on about socializing and meeting new people and gaining a bunch […]

Milan #SS21 Fashion Week

Milan Fashion week has a staple deep in my heart for various reasons. It combines elegance, craftsmanship, luxury, and reinvention all at once with undeniable eccentricity. This SS21 had everything I was looking forward to seeing down the runway from delicate ruffles, sensual draping necklines, voluminous romantic sleeves, concise storytelling, and my favourite yet, the […]

A Monologue For A Piece of Mind.

Mental health matters. This week, I have tried to focus on the true definition of that sentence. Yes, I see it all over social media at all times but I never really sit and think of how my mental health affects me. With our daily human altercations, it is sometimes very easy to forget about […]

A letter to my future self

Wondering about the future and how scary things could get for me. I accept the challenge to write a letter to myself so when I look back I will be able to maybe laugh, cry, and fix whatever needs to change. Hello Precious Soul; I can tell how many times you have wonder which purpose […]

¡Los 4 mejores mantras para comenzar el día con una mañana maravillosa!

Los mantras son expresiones muy significativas, las cuales pueden llegar a tener un gran impacto psicológico (e incluso hasta espiritual) en el ser humano. Sin importar de que forma las interpretemos, ya sean leídas, escuchadas o habladas, son capaces de transformar la intranquilidad en calma y la inquietud en serenidad. Todo eso a través de […]

Catching Up With #NYFW SS21 Coverage

Pandemic or not, fashion must go on! During last week gifted us a sneak-peak of the trends we will appreciate during the next couple of months. SS21 is full of punk glam in metallics, power suits, dramatic sleeves, a ruffle-love-story, mint green is a must, clashing prints from flowers to geometrics, colour -lots of it- […]

The Illusion Of Individualism In Our Society

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” -Gloria Steinem The subject that has been running through my mind these past weeks is how this society has not only normalized but encouraged individualism. As defined in the Cambridge Dictionary, individualism is the idea that freedom of thought and action for […]

La Pesadilla Hecha Realidad del Huracán María

A tres años de su llegada, aún no nos recuperamos completamente, sí, hablo de la peor pesadilla que los puertorriqueños vivimos: el huracán María. Desde la perspectiva del campo, fue un mal sueño que parecía nunca acabar. Desde las 6PM del día antes, los vientos habían comenzado y aún nosotros nos preparábamos, clavando paneles en […]

¡Los 5 MITOS más comunes y CURIOSOS sobre el EMBARAZO!

A muchísimas personas les encanta dar consejos y exponer sus opiniones respecto a algo que escucharon, vivieron o hasta les enseñaron. Como por ejemplo, el embarazo. Sea cierto, o solo un mito, son aquellos que aún no tienen el conocimiento suficiente o la experiencia, osea, las madres primerizas, quienes suelen creer muchas cosas que en […]

Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles: Book Review

Rating: ★★★★.5 “Make no mistake, I know I don’t have to prove a single thing to them. What matters most is what I prove to myself.” Janella Angeles, Where Dreams Descend Genre: Fantasy Summary: “In a city covered in ice and ruin, a group of magicians face off in a daring game of magical feats […]

A Victorian Sponge With A Latin American Twist

This recipe is the birth of a relaxation day where I just wanted to get work out of my head. I was on my way to the chiropractor thinking about baking for the first time after probably for 5 or 6 years. I always loved baking; it is one of my favourites hobbies in the […]

Top 5 Mascaras for an Everyday Falsies Look!

Finding the perfect mascara for an everyday look must be one of the hardest to find, but once acquired, you never go back. The perfect mascara must have it all from length, to volume, no clumps, affordable cost, and most importantly an easy removal. We’re talking about high stakes here for a tube of product […]

Spanking or Grounding our kids the real deal into parenthood

As many parents would have known this, we occur to have an open opportunity to teach our kiddos how to love and react to many situations on their daily basis life. Spanking our kids come as an education form for some parents that truly believe this a fine method for their children to behave when […]

La importancia del voto juvenil en Puerto Rico 2020

Las elecciones del 2020 están a la vuelta de la esquina y en Puerto Rico, el último día para adquirir tu tarjeta electoral era hoy, 14 de septiembre. Esta tarjeta nos da mucho poder como pueblo, así que es muy importante adquirirla. Con todas las situaciones que ocurrieron durante este cuatrienio, no podemos perder la […]

Un poema desde el baúl de mis recuerdos: “Algo más o menos aleatorio”.

Así como un poema entre la multitudQuizá como un objeto perdido Parecido tal vez, a un vicio sin sentidoAleatorio como un pensamiento vivoDe algún tema sin exactitud Entre un mar de ideasY una flora de decisionesAlimentando el espacio sobrante Con cualquiera de esas opciones Tengo demasiadoSuficiente para crear un mundoTotalmente aisladoAleatoriamente ubicado Con esas ideas […]

Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner: The Princess With Starlit Eyes

This week, I introduce you to one of the most blunt, witty, and intelligent characters I have ever written. She’s one of the side characters in my work-in-progress, The Messenger and the Hunter, and by far one of the most interesting characters to develop. I hope you enjoy the brief story of her past and […]

Autumn Trends From #TargetStyle Who What Wear & More

Okay, so, we are transitioning to one of my favourite seasons of the year, Autumn. At the beginning is such a contradictory concept in which is still -sort of- a warm climate that allows us to sport a nice, fresh pedicure, showcased in cute sandals, but cool enough to start layering with an unpredictable style. […]

Anxious Living: In a World Where Everyone has Anxiety.

In a World of the 21st Century where war still breaks out, pandemics take hold of the population, and social expectations are still needed to be met, there is not a single doubt that every single one of us has had anxious feelings in the past. Yet, how do we differentiate anxiety from feeling anxious? Now before […]

Journaling .01: The darkest moment comes to be a blessing

I’d believed every time in our lives would be teachable. This time I experienced being in the worst moment but instead of keeping myself down by my emotions, I decided to reassure my faith. I was at home thinking of what I’m supposed to write this week for the blog when I ended up thinking […]

¡Los 5 MEJORES tips para ser el mejor estudiante en tus clases VIRTUALES!

¿Aún estudiando desde tu hogar? ¿Te resulta difícil acostumbrate a las clases virtuales? Bueno, si es así no te preocupes. En este artículo encontrarás 5 tips para que empieces a poner en práctica cuanto antes y puedas dar el máximo en cada clase como solías hacerlo antes. De seguro algunos te parecerán muy simples, sin […]

Zoë’s Creative Writing Corner: The Hunt

This next piece is not from the Bianca Barrowbone “series.” It is from an entirely different novel I am working on. The excerpt specifically introduces one of the main characters in a series that I call The Messenger and the Hunter: Astrid Johansen. Without going into detail, Astrid is an up-and-coming bounty hunter/assassin in the […]

Meet Awkwardly Vain’s Clean & Organic Beauty: Raw Brown Sugar + Coffee Scrub

Awkwardly Vain’s Raw Brown Sugar +Coffee Scrub does it all! Seriously, IT REALLY DOES IT ALL! From renewing skin-cells to moisturizing, helping with those stubborn blackheads, fighting cystic acne scarring, to achieving the softest baby-butt like skin. Give your whole body the self-care and love it deserves! Not only that, but we also do not believe […]

Top 5 All Year Round Nail Polish Colors.

I feel my very best when my nails are done, I could have a massive breakout on my face and my makeup might not be done but nothing makes me feel better than a fresh mani and pedi. It’s the self-care that my body needs and craves! Knowing how much I love doing my nails, […]

Cuando mi cuerpo dice “NO”.

almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you. -Anne Lamott                 A veces el cuerpo no entiende que hay cosas que hacer. No entiende que para el mundo un “no tenía ganas o fuerzas”, es una simple excusa. No entiende que la vida continúa aunque esté en mi apartamento […]

El poema que nunca te dediqué, querida ansiedad…

La escritura es lo único que me salva Mi única compañía ante la desesperación El ángel de la guarda quien por mí clama Mientras en un desahogo puro limpia lágrimas del corazónSin filosofía, ni libros de sabios Deleita mi mente con un solo conocimiento Proveniente de mi razón, llamado sentimiento Quien me guía en la […]

BTS is Lighting Up the World Like Dynamite

The K-Pop group released their new single titled Dynamite a week ago and they are breaking records and making history all around the world. In hopes of giving everyone a little happiness in the middle of the pandemic, where everyone is unmotivated and feeling sad, BTS wrote Dynamite. Even though they are a Korean group, […]

Instagram’s #NewUpcomingBrands

Unamused, shopping the same brands for the longest, and ready to have a new brand experience? This is your moment! I took the -long-assignment of scrolling through social media, looking for the best to offer out there. I came across sustainable, handmade, and ethical brands, that interest and satisfied my wants/fashion needs. Their stories, missions, […]