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Do video games make us violent?: A historical and psychological insight

World Wars, The Holocaust, massacres, and genocides, are all historical receipts of humanity’s brutal instincts. Even some religions have adopted violence, like the Persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire and vice versa, as a tool to punish those who had alternate religious beliefs. However, some believe that today, in the 21st century, human violent […]

AAPI Heritage Month: What is It and How To Support

During the whole month of May is taken to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI for short). This is to create awareness and to recognize the contributions and influence of Asian Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of United States. It also celebrates the cultural variety and gives the community an […]

La Maternidad Humana, Deconstruyendo la Tarea Interminable

Desde muy pequeña asumía que mi madre era capaz de cualquier cosa, y sin duda haber realizado una carrera luego de tener la gran tarea de cuatro pequeños bajo su cuidado, y un matrimonio que cultivar ya la convierte en una dura. La maternidad, si nos dejamos llevar por su signifcado, es la manera en […]

Are You Following Diverse Social Media Accounts, or Are You Feeding Yourself From Similar Accounts?

Social Media serves as an encyclopedia for following the content you are seeking. Whether you are following activists, influencers, creatives, and many more, are you diversifying the content you are consuming? For some, Social Media is one of the biggest influences we have in our modern-day society, from reading the news to following their favourite […]

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