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Cansada de “el qué dirán”: Generación Z

Si naciste entre 1996 y 2012, entonces eres considerado como parte de la Generación Z. Una generación tan fuerte como frágil, tan humana como diferente. La misma que ha estado evolucionando constantemente a través de cambios drásticos en la sociedad y sucesos que han marcado un antes y después en la historia de la humanidad, […]

The Message Behind Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the movies and see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This movie marks a new arch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as we hadn’t been introduced to Shang-Chi before (at least in the MCU). Everyone needs to see this movie and I’m not […]

A una decisión de distancia: ¿Nuevos miedos o nuevas experiencias?

El fin del verano marca un nuevo comienzo, una nueva persona renace cada que está dispuesta. Decidí entonces ser una nueva. No por mucho, ni invencible, ni perfecta, ni libre de miedos; todo lo contrario. Ahora mis miedos no me impiden ir a ningún lado, y si se niegan a desaparecer pues me acompañan hasta […]

Lack of Motivation: I Have a Plan For You

To be young and unmotivated, to be depressive and an overthinker, to be in a moment in your life represented by chaos, to be a people pleaser, to everything going to hell. These are some common factors that push us over our mental bridge, automatically self-referring ourselves as inactive members of society. But, did you […]

To my Forever Light.

Para El Niño: Today was my first day of University and I wish I could share that with you. It’s been a week now since I’ve known and some part of me still thinks the news are false. It’s possible that some part of me will always feel that way. I take it as an […]

Not Too Old, Not Too Anything!

Recently, I dyed my hair green. Many remarked how brave I was for doing that because they wouldn’t dare to do it. Between the comments I received there were some “Oh! I wished I was as brave as you, but I’m too old for that” and the one that shocked me the most, “Aren’t you […]

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