Fashion And The Cities: Looks From Around The World To Get Inspired By

Nothing beats street style fashion like capturing someone on a random day of the week. I am travelling next week and living in Florida, U.S.A., it is all about dressing in summer ceaselessly. Some people love this kind of weather all year long, but fashion-wise, in the secrete society of loving layers, WE CRAVE OTHER SEASONS TOO!

October is that in-between of being autumny-but-dark-but-not. The weather stills a nice breeze where I am travelling to, and it is also borderline the right moment to layer all things gorgeous up. My weakness is layering when the moment presents, my friends know it, my family knows it, when denying the opportunity for myself?

I took my inspiration research to two of my old trusty social media apps, Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest was okay, little to almost not so great inspirational styles I had in my head. I can get -very- specific at times, and this is one of those times! I remembered my IG feed, all those quirky accounts with candid shots of -what I considered- the museum of street style inspiration. What is even better, fashion week is happening all over the globe which, can only translate to a double bonus of majestic inspiration!

Let me reveal the accounts I have found so far that I enjoy most!

Milan, Italy

Paris, France

London, England, UK

Madrid, Spain

Rome, Italy

Copenhangen, Denmark

New York, New York

Dublin, Ireland

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Now that I have shared these accounts with you, would they motivate you to snap those outstanding pictures in your city? Share with me which looks are your faves or, maybe, you know other cities with these types of accounts that I am unaware of them?

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