An Overlook To Spring Trends From Small Businesses / SS2021

Spring, whether you hate it because of the unnecessary and annoying sinus that comes with it, or you -simply- love it because of all the goodies that bring along -like- the following pieces I curated over the weekend.

There is nothing more satisfying than to find little hidden gems from every corner around the world, not only that create extraordinary pieces, but also have in mind their impact on our planet. And, since we still in March (A.K.A. Women’s Month), it was completely necessary to highlight these incredible females and how they push themselves into creating high-quality items amid -this- pandemic era. 

Keicy Studio

Based in Puerto Rico

This unique top was a total eye conquerer. The top is unique in so many different ways; it has two alternative closure styles with hand embroidered french knots, a halted top for all of your Spring adventures.

AK Threads

Based in East London, UK

Inspired by women in all sizes, created by woman, AK Threads create pieces made to order, crafted to last. Their influence for their intricate embroidery comes from their artisanal skills and traditions from their home country, Bangladesh. Every piece they create seems like poetry, something special we should invest in; AK Threads delivers timeless creations like this Tishatsu Shirt that lives in my head rent-free -and I am so delighted about it!-.

Clectic Clips

Based in Miami, Florida, USA

These Matte Claw Clips are -just- essential! Clectic Clips took their mission to make hair accessories part of your daily routine seriously with this drop. Since 2020, Clectic Clips have released delicate collections that -easily- complement your everyday style.

Sea Jasper

Based in Miami, Florida, USA

Sea Jasper is one of those brands you promptly fall in love with! This Rescued t-shirts Upcycled Denim Feather Crop Top is made with defective t-shirts helping to reduce the carbon emission left behind by big brands while promoting sustainability. 


Based in Madrid, Spain

Vintage pieces with a unique sense of style that only, Dimoana can creatively achieveThe brand’s vision to focus on slow fashion with one-of-a-kind alterations come from the inspiration of living in a world where fast fashion is no longer king. You can find pieces such as jeans, over shirts, shirts, and coats/jackets. This Pantalon Brigitte is everything you need for this spring collection.


Made in Los Angeles, California, USA

This Mini Duffle Bag is the perfect size for everyday use and those highly important hangouts. Its sleek design makes it easy to combine it with everything you own, making it a versatile bag with infinite possibilities. Did I already mentioned that this is an eco-friendly handbag? Well, that is a plus for me!

Rosy Crochets/Sunniva Rose

Based in Berlin, Germany

Although Rosy Crochets does not have an online store, you can order her pieces via DM to her Instagram account. Her pieces are driven by the idea of more sustainable items, also trying to generate less waste as possible.

Kat Wood Jewellery

Based in Southampton, UK

Kat Wood not only makes beautiful earrings but, it also counts with a small number of elegant hair clips. Kat is a young entrepreneur and small business owner in her 20’s trying to adorn our ears with her creations. This shop was so captivating that got me waiting on my tippy-toes waiting to see what will be added to the collection next!

Anti Clothing Supply

Based in Richmond, Virginia, USA

These Upcycled Linen Tanks are just perfect for a soirée whether you have planned to pair it with flare denim, high rise linen pants, a mini skirt, or just trousers, they are also perfect for layering. We cannot wait for the release day of these beauties!


Based in Stockholm, Sweden

This brand is just an explosion of beautiful designs and vibrant colours, fresh and consciously designed. As I was doing my research, I had this impulse to buy everything on their site! Moimi is a brand that I can -easily- identify! The Heavy Knitted Vest is currently on sale… 50%!

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