Hate is the Virus: A Call to Awareness on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes and What to Do

Ever since the COVID-19 was confirmed as a pandemic, the Asian-American hate crimes had increased. Merciless people blame any Asian person for the hell we are still living. At first, they stood strong but one can only bare so much, right? Every person has a limit. Not only that, but the hate crimes got worse and worse, now involving serious physical violence. Asians deserve to have peace and to live a happy life too, they aren’t the ones to blame for the global situation.

Image by Jing Daily

The world needs to be aware of this situation to make a change. There are only a few media talking about this while the Asian hate crimes get worse and worse.

It’s hard to tell and exact number of these hate crimes because no organizations or agencies had been tracking this problem. The group Stop AAPI Hate stated that they received more than 2,000 reports on 2020. Some of the incidents are verbal harassment, shunning, discrimination on workplaces, and physical assaults. Kids are being bullied at schools; many businesses owned by Asians had been impacted because people do not want to support them. Even the entertainment has been affected by this, as many artists and idols had experimented xenophobic comments from known media and public figures.

The attackers don’t discriminate on age, as the violent assaults had involved young, adults and even elderly Asians.

A Thai 84-year-old woman living in California died last month after being shoved to the ground during her morning stroll. A Chinese 89-year-old woman was slapped and then set on fire on New York. A Filipino passenger on the subway was slashed on the face with a box cutter. Owners of a stores had found dead cats in front of their establishments; others are being harassed with racist slurs while walking down the street or while they are peacefully enjoying a meal at a restaurant. Several families reported that they had rocks thrown at their houses.

Asian Americans fear for their life while doing something so basic as going out to eat. Many have expressed their economy has been affected because they leave work early for being safe at home before the night arrives, business owners close their shops early for the same reason.

The spike in Asian violent attacks has also lead to a mental health crisis among them. They are living in anxiety and in fear, which may lead to depression. The attacks are that many, that they basically have to sleep with one eye open, not resting well, spending the days in tiredness.

This situation is alarming, but why isn’t the media talking enough about it? Asians have been subject to the model minority myth, which states that “Asian Americans are the shining example of how hard work and emphasis on education can overcome discrimination”. This isn’t true and it may be very damaging, as it may give the impression that discrimination and racism can be overcame by working hard and having strong family values. People also think that the Asian American communities doesn’t experience racism or discrimination due to their “white adjacency”.

Asians had to take the matter in their own hands and started to act because they has been overlooked by the media. They had raised their voice on social media but they still need our help.

What can we do? Share every post addressing this problem to raise awareness and educate others. Report any anti-Asian hate crime. Donate to organizations combating AAPI racism, some of these are Stop AAPI Hate, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Hate is A Virus, National Council of Asian Pacific Americans. Support local businesses owned by Asians, they will be very thankful and happy.

Together, we can stop this virus called Hate because we all are humans and we have the same rights to live peacefully and happily.

If you wish to read more about this matter and want to educate yourself, I recommend to visit asian.ly/stopaapihate and follow asianfeed on Instagram to keep you updated.

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