Handbag Brands To Be On The Lookout

From my personal favourite selection to their inspiring about/stories here are my top March freshly handbag brands/designers that are a must-have! 

After searching for hours on the web, I was fascinated with the intricate designs each of these brands have to offer; from innovative, quirky, elegant and colourful, to styles that you would never imagine they were in the accessory market. I could not resist sharing the reasons I was starstruck by the originality, presentation, a passion each represents so I took it upon my hands to have each one represent what they offer to us!


“EDAS was created from an innovative standpoint, initially focusing on sustainability while using unusual home-goods and refurbished elements. Through the maturity of the brand, EDAS now delivers feminine and staple accessories, accommodating the everyday, eclectic woman.  We create each piece of jewelry by hand, and we take pride in seeing the hands of the craftsman within our pieces. Our signature is making each item one of a kind, and uniquely tailored to whoever chooses to wear it.

Sade Mims, head designer, has a strong interest in designing, creative directing, producing, event planning and writing. Incorporating each of these skills to produce quality work within her own designs, artwork and home accents. Each piece is made to be worn alone or paired, giving you a sense of customization and contrast. We strive to make women feel beautiful, one accessory at a time.” – edas.store

Mini Belt Bag in Pea

Price $410.00

Marlow London

“Marlow London is a British accessories brand encouraging self-love, optimism, expression and collaboration through words, colour and craftsmanship.

Based in London, Marlow London designs beautifully and consciously crafted unique laser-cut leather goods and digitally printed scarves.  Chloé Marlow launched the brand in 2016, soon after graduating from Central Saint Martins. Inspired by self-love, empowerment and mental health, Chloé designs collections to bring positivity and solace through words that can touch deeply, resonate and inspire. All Marlow London’s leather goods are handmade from Italian-sourced vegetable-tanned leather and are intricately cut-out by laser in an independently-run factory in London. The limited scarf collections are designed in-house and digitally printed in the UK before being hand-finished. For more information on the materials we use and how to care for them, please visit our care page.” – marlowlondon.com

Mini Tote – Made To Order


Leather Bracelet


Adubea Jensen

“Adubea Jensen handbags are uniquely made using tiny beads which are woven together to form exquisite one- of-a-kind bead bags. The process is 100% handmade and a bag can take up to 50 hours to make. Their vibrant colors and amazing designs speak to the modern, fashionable and sophisticated woman. Coupled with the limited availability of each design, owning an Adubea Jensen handbag becomes an irresistible must-have.

Adubea Jensen Designs Limited, established only in 2014, encapsulates Adubea’s life journey. The beautifully chic accessories range is homage to her personal and cultural narrative to date.

The design led precision, muted hues, quality craftsmanship and flamboyant tones demanded by Adubea sit perfectly with her mentorship and training programmes.

Adubea Jensen, sourced in Africa, manufactured in Africa, exported from Africa. Adubea Jensen; Changing lives one bead at a time.” – adubeajensen.com



Nene Yaya

Senegalese leathergoods. – nene-yay.afrikrea.com



Kiki ito

“KIKIITO is the eponymous brand of a London based designer Kiki Ito.

Growing up in Japan and influenced by her father, a contemporary landscape architect, She was fascinated by the concept and simplicity behind contemporary art and architecture, this philosophy she brings into her own collection of limited productions, where every piece remains authentic and personal.

During her early career, Kiki apprenticed with Harry Mattes, a leading couture handbag artisan whose A-list clientele included Bruce Oldfield, Jasper Conran and the Royal family. During this time she acquired the mastery of leather crafting before working for renowned brands such as Globe-Trotter.

I want to envelop the zeitgeist edge of ultra-modern London looks with soft calf leathers, pay homage to the traditional Japanese aesthetic of simplicity and delicate equivalence while giving it a contemporary boldness

Today, all KIKIITO bags and accessories are skilfully handmade in London, respecting traditional artisanship and production methods to minimise material waste.

I want my bags to exude confidence and the personality of the individual”” – kikiito.com




“Be colorful. Be kind. Be adventurous. Be PresentlyIn. 

Who is PresentlyIn? 

I am Dana and I am presently in… Peru!  In 2015, my husband Mark and I took the leap and moved from Chicago to Lima and I absolutely fell in love with the markets and colorful textiles, the weaving traditions, and most of all the people behind them. I  partnered with skilled artisans to bring to life a philosophy of self expression and connection through textile designs that combines ancient weaving traditions with modern style. Along this journey, I have learned that there is joy and self discovery when we travel, when we connect with people from faraway places, and in turn when you create your own sense of fashion style and decorate your home sustainably.  My hope is that wherever you are, you will be PresentlyIn so that you can express what is uniquely you through color and texture, while daydreaming about this colorful wide world of ours.” – presentlyIn.com

Cuadra Clutch


Le Muy

(Spanish Ahead!)

“Le Muy aspira a ofrecer pasión en la creación, precisión en la confección y calidad en la materia prima – porque la aspiración subsecuente a la creación es la admiración y Le Muy quiere ser admirada, si por algo, por tener identidad propia.Queremos compartir nuestra pequeña filosofía de marca y que hable de muchas mujeres. Le Muy es más que una actividad sujeta a un tiempo, más que un nombre o un logotipo, Le Muy es nuestro viaje por la vida.” – lemuybags.com




“Cafuné /ˌka.fu.ˈnɛ/ (Portuguese) – 1. the act of playing with a lover’s hair

Founded by lifelong friends Queenie Fan and Day Lau in 2015, Cafuné is a modern accessories brand that approaches design as a gentle and intimate affair. We wish to reconsider the notion of luxury in a world where it seems omnipresent, and define it in terms of emotion and attachment between wearers and our products.

At the centre of Cafuné is our strong attention to construction and details, and our devotion in celebrating the materials and craftsmanship that go behind every product. The Cafuné collection features a signature minimalist silhouette with an idiosyncratic accent.” – ca-fune.com

Egg Bag



“A Slow Fashion Adventure

Klès is a women’s accessories brand specialising in hand-crafted leather bags and accessories.

Klès was created in 2015 by French UK-based designer maker Jessica Gomez with the belief that we shouldn’t have to choose between style and craftsmanship. The aim was to create accessories that are well made and fashionable, yet timeless, that would last a lifetime. Our products are designed to be wardrobe staples that people will wear and cherish for many years.

We believe in slow fashion and in trying our best to produce sustainable accessories. 
Each Klès product is handmade to order by Jessica with locally sourced leathers and fittings. Our products are 100% slow fashion, proudly made in England and they are hand-stitched for optimum quality and durability.

Most items are made of quality Italian or Belgian vegetable tanned leather. This sustainable leather is produced with a traditional tanning method that uses natural ingredients such as tree bark.

The style is characterised by clean shapes, beautiful natural materials and a touch of elegance that create a refined simplicity. Jessica’s minimalist approach to design can be appreciated at its most on the folded models that are made without stitches.
Special collections with bold hand-painted details add character to the brand.

“When I created Klès, defining the style of the brand was of course very important, but the way the products would be made and used was equally crucial.
My accessories had to be well made, durable, sustainable and fairly-priced; with a timeless yet original design, that people could wear for a lifetime.”” – klesofficial.co.uk

Oriana Mini Bag



“Reminiscing on her childhood memories in Thailand, surrounded by handmade intricate woven baskets to seashell chimes dancing to the ocean breeze – Sasipim was inspired to create her namesake brand of handmade accessories line.  Her vision is to bridge the modern fashion with traditional craftsmanship originating from far corners of the world while being kind to the Earth. She search the globe from major urban centers to far away villages in the pursuit of distinctive handmade craft and combine them with bespoke shapes to create the unique modern day handbags and accessories.  

   Our creations balance sophisticated aesthetic and modern design with functionality adapted to everyday lifestyle. Our mission is supporting local artisans and  their families while preserving traditional craftsmanship, and refrain from mass production.  Sasipim is embracing the beauty of generational craftsmanship and their artistic skill for you to love and enjoy for generations to come.” – shopsasipim.com



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