Four Female-Lead 2020 Shows, Their Fashion And How They Made Me Feel

2020, apart from being a gross year -in which- I learnt that pessimist is somewhat part of my personality trait in a minuscule scale, I also ventured myself into watching the following shows either from a curiosity standpoint, followed by, hyper-marketing-social-slams.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been MIA beneath the surface of Earth. Due to a lack of respect for my productivity -including- a high uninvited workload from my 9-5. I am here -now- to give you my insights and finally to use my fashion degree instincts for once and for all because -you know- I am still paying for that BFA so, time to make it work for me.

Fashion it is everywhere undeniably, taunting our souls wherever you are; even in your slumber! Except for me during this drastic year, I have a wardrobe full of cool daring pieces that have not left the hangers, hairstyles that can support my image and skin-care that has become a part-time routine instead than my helpful aid. The art of being imaginative never left in my defence; The Great, The Handmaid’s Tale, Emily in Paris, and The Queen’s Gambit, are examples of timeless and historical fashion inspirations. Every single one of these shows serve as a representation of the past, present and future of fashion, even if it rules under a religious but fictional State. Not only was one major 2020 spur, but it was also a divine female-lead role that drenched our feminist hearts of joy and proud moments.

The Great on Hulu

This Hulu series was co-lead by Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult. However, my heart dictates that Elle was -truly- the huzzah piece of the entire show; she carried the wit, a total feminist book-worm, rebellious, fashion conqueress. She was able to use her beauty to her advantage, infiltrating herself to make Royal decisions. In terms of inspirations -and not the first portrayal of women using her beauty as a weapon- this was fantastic! In all honesty, all of us -women- used our charms every now and then to get what we want. The patriarchy works in that particular way this time and age, which, is absolute bunkers that our beauty determines our value in this society.

In terms of fashion, the show is modest yet hyper-detailed. We see the Emperor wearing pearls, eccentric fabrics, and some of the male characters would give us the illusion to be somewhat genderless, or at least that was the drift I caught. The female characters were highly adorned with feathers, embroidery, jewels, it was depicted in full-force Russian trend glory.

The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu

I am aware this is not a 2020 show, but -I finally- gathered all the strength required to observe a fictional rape scene. It was utterly emotional to sit down and imagine how our future could be if that happened in real life. Not getting into politics, if that ever happens in the United States, I would have to flee to whatever country possible as all of the “sins” that would label me as unworthy. Nonetheless, this is something that “sort of” happens in countries where religion is the law. The craziest and wholly thought of female supporting -these- rapes blows my brain into sifted pieces. All females should support feminist movements; I understand we should not take it to the extremes if -you- as an individual feel uncomfortable and insecure. Just stop for a second and think what you would love to see more in the future for women? I would enjoy having more women in court being decision-makers, more female astronauts, tech leaders, innovators, scientists, I WANT TO SEE US ALL THRIVING! Sometimes ideals can get deep into our heads, although, some of them work wonders in favour of our system, some bite the fair faith we have in this country.

Associating fashion with the show can become challenging. The -show- translates to the structure of the garments and the meaning of role tags of the characters. The wives are elegant in their variation of turquoise and deep blues. From their capes to their gowns, the essence of a respectable wife and mother flourishes in their behaviour. As far as the wings, the mouth rings, and everything that handmaid would wear, it was all despised. What colour more than red to be spotted doing whatever you intended to do at plain sight. The rest of the citizens of Gilean would wear a uniform like grey; long length skirts for women and girls, relaxed straight pants for men. It was awfully monotonous, grey is just a colour that brings sadness, is emotionless, dull, dingy, and -duh- conservative.

Emily in Paris on Netflix

Emily in Paris brings the worst and the best of me so well-orchestrated. The show presents -what could only happen as a mere coincidence- a V young women that, gets the opportunity of her life to travel abroad for work in Paris. She did not understand the language nor respect the culture or try to learn something from it. She went balls deep with her orthodox mindset of “this is what we do in ‘Merica”. I found it so unrealistic and frustrating that it was portraited as the biggest slap in the face to my generation. Unless you have an infinite trust fund, and family + friends connections, there is a V slim chance for any of us to get as far as she did. Emily in Paris should tone it down a little before selling us dreams that -us- could not -or extremely hard to- achieve, or to even have the amount of men interested on us.

On the other hand of that thought above, it was a brilliant production! It came right when we needed it the most, airy, romance, that would keep us on the edge of our seats and forgetting about this pandemic nonsense. It was, without doubt, the -easiest- show to navigate, accompanied with some good wine, Parisian snacks, good friends, or even with all by yourself crying out loud because of the unrealistic aspect of the plot.

There is no discussion over this, and if there is, let us take it to the comment section below. Repeat after me, the true fashion Icons of the entire series are Sylvie and Camille, PERIODT! They are both the grand stylish heroes that saved us from Emily’s fashion sense. Emily pulled some great outfits, but some of them were the throw up of Sex and The City, total “RINGARDE”! Her outfits could have been deconstructed and re-elaborate them for better appreciation of the designers, it was just awful to understand. A+ for looking like a Gucci model!

The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix

This is the dessert of the story, The -Fu**ing- Queen’s Gambit is the genius production of 2020. The real story behind is based on a boy and not a girl (crushed right?), Anya Taylor-Joy made us believe this happened in real life and we -all women- felt proud of it. I relate to most of her problems and how it was hard for her to overcome the simplest emotions, drowning herself in alcohol and pills. If you are a psychologist student or professional, or even a psychology enthusiast, this is the show that would down spiral you into thinking why Beth behaved the way she did.

Part of the show takes place in the 1960s, one of my favourite fashion eras. As Beth grows up, we can see how her fashion becomes edgier, modern yet classic. From one of the last scenes -including- the pillbox hat to her rock-and-roll outfit while -almost- attending a high school speech, there is no doubt this show is fashion worthy x1000!

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