A journey you must follow before and after getting married to the love of your life

Who doesn’t dream about falling in love with the right person? Finding that true and amazing love we have been told our entire lives through drama films and book stories.

There is no secret recipe for a perfect marriage but, these tips would let you figure some things out. Imagine yourself having that kind of love been ruined by the way you treat your relationship. As a strong believer that everyone deserves love and attention, I got to tell you, a relationship like that is reachable. But, you must follow a few simple steps to get there ready to love someone the way you deserve to be loved. If I’m being honest, before I get married I didn’t took the right decisions in my relationship with whom I called now, my husband. Nowadays I wish someone told me a few little things about it sooner.

First of all, marriage is about two people, only them. Even if you are not married but you share your life with a significant other you need to understand that love takes time.

Love takes time– There are a lot of things that we need to know about our partner. Starting with the color he likes and the food he prefers to eat. Respect the time to wait until you both get to know each other better. There are a lot of things that we need to know about our future eternal partner.

Love a lot, forgive in the instant– Do not let the anger drives you away —and your heart desires—. You are the one who chooses what might become a situation in your relationship.

Love is caring- Ask your partner these words every time he/she is working on something. “How can I help?” Be comprehensive, be emphatic.

Sharing is a love language- Share with your spouse activities to perform together, with the freedom of having personal hobbies in the relationship.

Listen to your partner, take the time to listen. Listen when it’s sad, listen when time is the hardest, listen with love. Be his/her strength living these difficult times we must have a shoulder to cry on or just to hold ourselves a bit.

Work on your relationship, —especially if you had kids— Takes the position of rule number 6!!! And on my experience, I will highlight this one so much because having kids early in our marriage could be a little be tricky than expected. I mean, as parents we love our kids with all of our lives and that would pretty much take a lot of our attention only dragged into their needs and not our partner, and that’s a matter of fact a bad path to start within your marriage.

Be consistent in your dream together, and nurture your relationship – Many many things could come between the highest dream you had together. Raise your eyes, don’t lose faith in the big picture you both aspire. Go out together, buy little things that lead you a bit closer to that future.

If time goes by doing nothing, build something together. Yes, if you have been doing nothing but the same thing over and over the years and you are being tired of it, don’t lose it! This might bring a lot of financial stress and anxiety to you and your partner. Everyone is allowed to dream about a different life and thankfully many of them could get it but only living one day at a time.

Trust your partner, don’t lose faith in what is worth it.

Seek help whenever is needed, I know that loving someone the way we choose to love our partners is a beautiful and strong bond but that does not make your relationship the exception. You would struggle and for that, you need to learn that the last thing dead on a relation is the hope between them. IF YOU STILL LOVE HIM/HER FIGHT FOR IT THE WAY IT DESERVED.

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