How The Beauty Industry is Affecting Our Ecosystem & How YOU Can Prevent Future Damage.

Going shopping for beauty products, whether it’s makeup or skincare, is always a very exciting time for me. I love getting to know new brands and products whenever I get the chance to replenish on some essential goodies like face wash or mascara. At the beauty aisles of Target, Ulta, or Sephora I am like a lost kid at a candy shop, filling up my basket up to the rim with products I am excited to indulge in as soon as I get home. I’m sure this exact scenario is very familiar to all of you beauty kings and queens who enjoy splurging on their self-care. Although these shopping sprees can oftentimes become the highlight of my week, it wasn’t until recently that I realized the big shadow that is cast onto the environmental effects of the beauty industry.

According to a statement released through Forbes by Zero Waste Week, “the personal care” industry is worth 500 billion dollars a year but it is also an industry that contributes to the annual loss of about 18 million acres of forest. It has also become an industry known for the production of single-use wasteful plastic. Totaling in the production of 120 billion units of plastic in just a single year. Many billions of units that will most likely end up in our oceans or landfill. Reading this, I personally think it is very upsetting to see such a wealthy industry letting so much be lost. It is important for such industries, that market to all generations, to advocate for a more eco-friendly take on their production before it’s too late. If such senseless actions are continued to be practiced by the industry, I fear that the effects will become unreversible.

The year 2020 has sure taught me many things but I really do enjoy how I have learned to research more about brands that are more eco-friendly, both in their product and packaging. When founder of the site, Jarelis M. Gomez and I began putting together the ideas to create our first product for this site’s shop, from the very beginning we knew we were researching for products that not only are clean, vegan, and cruelty free but also packaging that is reusable, recyclable, and even biodegradable. The one thing we knew with no doubt is that we wanted our brand to not only be safe and clean for our consumers but also for our producer, our planet. From those ideas, Awkwardly Vain’s Raw Brown Sugar +Coffee Scrub was born which leads me to my first tip to you, research the brands you purchase from. Opting out from your usual daily brands to others who are eco-concsious like:

All brands who have taken a step forward into a cleaner and safer planet with eco-friendly products. Products that are not only limited to makeup and skincare but also toothbrushes and even q-tips! I encourage you to check some of these brands out and who knows maybe you end up liking these products a lot more than your usuals.

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