A Better Republic: Recycled Fashion.

I have shared very personal and sentimental parts of my life with the readers of this blog, but I’ve never talked about my job. I have been working in the retail industry for 3 years now but in the same store for 2. I work for Gap Inc., one of the most commonly known American clothing and accessories retailers internationally. Although it is retail, and just like in any other job, sometimes things happen that make you question your entire existence; I am happy to say I love what I do right now. I look back on the person I was and the person I have become, and I truly would not be who I am today if I wouldn’t have taken this job. Not only have I grown as a person but my fashion sense has stepped up its game. A literal blessing and curse because I look adorable but my checks are left at the store on the cutest outfits ever.

Although I should cut down on the spending, I am happy to not only be working for Gap but supporting a company that cares about not only the people they market to but their Earth as well. Banana Republic, part of the Gap empire, aired their “Better Republic” campaign in April of last year and even with a global pandemic around, the initiative has taken effects in stores this year. When aired, the company described the campaign as a “forward-thinking ideal that underscores the company’s sustainability goals and commitment to do better for people and the planet. ” In other words, the brand has taken initiative when it comes to using recycled goods from the queen Mother Earth to create high end fashion forward clothing pieces to suit customers needs. The recycled fabrics they are using are some like nylon, polyester, cotton and wool.

Banana Republic also acquired Sustainability Goals early last year that definitely ties into the product effects we are seeing in store this year. The three goals being, increasing sustainable fabrics, creating additional sustainable denim, and reducing water impact while promoting cleaner chemistry, all planned to be achieved by 2023 and 2025 but in effect right now, in 2020! In stores, we are already seeing responsible wool being sold, as well as denim made with 99% less water than traditional dyeing methods.

I am sure hearing all of this makes me and many others of you at home very happy. It may just be a start, but I know initiative movements like such made by such largely known business will surely have an enormous impact in our near future. Both for us and our fashion but most importantly our Earth. It is important for all of us living on this Earth to be educated and to educate our future generations on how to preserve the life and color this planet holds.


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