My Awkward taste on Netflix Review: Operation Christmas Drop Film

As the most beautiful time of the year just started and my heart was born prepared for it, I recently added to my Christmas Eve Movie List Operation Christmas Drop on the Netflix platform.

Starting with Erica Miller (Kat Graham) a congressional assistant working in Washington, DC, running through the city following a Christmas wish list of presents from her boss a congresswoman, and a young pilot and captain called Andrew (Alexander Ludwig) whose path cross together by a beautiful and noble Island known as Guam.

Miller, characterizes a strong and dreamer female who’s been fighting for her career at any cost. Following her dreams took or better said —was practically forced— to work on a new assignment right on Christmas Eve. Erica was sent on a 36 hours flight to an amazing place filled with beautiful people. Her mission was to make sure of the Air Force Base and its functions were running as they should be, write an informative article to report any irregularities that could provide enough reasons to make financial cuts, or if it’s was the case —for better or worse— close it.

Andrew an Air Force commander who’s been driven by a memory of his childhood when a couple of neighbors show them kindness and hope on Christmas Eve, sharing: rice, food, and blankets for him and his family that night. Characterize a Christmas lover and a nobleman who stands up for the right cause no matter what. The captain following this emotion leads an Operation known as a Christmas Drop which drops consist of using military equipment to provide different resources around the island including food supplies, clothes, books, hope, and Christmas presents to those unfortunate communities everything provided by donations.

The film took place on the US territory of Guam and was released on November 05, 2020, by Netflix.

Operation Christmas Drop is a romance-comedy directed by Martin Wood from a screenplay by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer. Real-life based on the humanitarian mission by Air Force Operation Christmas Drop. The plot leaves Washington and goes all the way to Guam where the islanders make their efforts to show Miller the real reason not to shut off their base with the charisma and enthusiasm of Andrew a little bit insufferable if you ask Erica. Snorkeling, dancing, and a lot of fun get on with Erica arrivals and a must romantic door it opens right when it’s was meant to be.

The first airdrop was in 1951 when a crew of commanders passed through the island and saw some locals waving their hands to them while screaming with a lot of emotions “Toys are coming”. The crew instantly took a few supplies they had in cargo and dropped them to the water. At the time the island was constantly stroked by typhoons making it impossible to barely had an energy system working or running water available.

This tradition was born during the Christmas season by a noble gesture. Nowadays, is better known as the Department of Defense’s longest-running humanitarian airlift operation. The mission is supported by the local communities of Guam but primarily operated by the Anderson Air Force Base, Yokota Air Base, and targets of Micronesia.

The mission has become a tradition to many, delivering by 2006 more than 800,000 pounds of supplies.

In 2011 the Operation serves to dropped 25 boxes of IV Fluids to Fais Island to combat an outbreak of dengue fever.

In 2014, were delivered 50,000 pounds to 56 Micronesia Islands. Ever since 2015 many Air Force Bases has participated in the mission from places including the Pacific Air Forces, Australia, Japan, and Philippines.

The film is about the humanitarian mission, also highlighted the life of the military officials and their families. Who may spent their Christmas twithout their loved ones and their traditions. Andrew teaches the audience the importance of having the same spirit wherever you are on this season, to love and show kindness no matter what, and to value the little simplest gift of being alive a living in circumstances better than others.

From my point of view, this film is a must-see on your top list this Christmas. I loved it because is not a typical romantic movie about a holiday, and a common family reunion. This film is more about that it’s filled with a lot of memories, smiles, and blessings all occurring on the same day.

Christmas has a different meaning for many families around the entire world. Every single one united by one simple season. The season to laugh, and cry. To leave old places, and chase new achievements. Christmas and the life of the Messiah have been commemorated annually by sharing with others what we had, the way that one family at Belen needed many many years back when Jesus Christ was born.

Don’t forget the real reason to celebrate: love, and share.

“Sharing, and seeing those smiles is how Christmas should it be like”

Operation Christmas Film

If you wish to be part of something this amazing contact your local office of Samaritan Purse and local churches to participate every year to donate a Christmas Shoe Box to a child around the world.

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