Top 5 Most Innovative Beauty Products Of The Decade.

I am a freshman in college, and this fall semester is LITERALLY kicking my behind! Unfortunately, due to COVID, a lot of things have changed in the education system. From in-person classes to zoom, the ability for a professor to properly proctor an exam, and most importantly in my opinion from the thousands of other reasons but the way we, as students, learn. What I have enjoyed the most about this semester is the amount of research I have allowed myself to do. After the various critiques and research papers, I have had to write, oral research presentations have also come my way and those are truly my favorite. I recently completed one for my Speech class, in which we were asked to research innovative products. instinctually, my head went to beauty. After having researched for days and having found the most amazing list of products, I was finally able to choose one and complete my presentation successfully. It felt good to implement beauty in school because it almost felt like I was working on a project for this blog. Something I like to view as fun, not tiring homework, but interesting and self-fulfilling.

Having said that, I decided to bring you guys into “my fun” and share some of the products I thought to be most interesting from my long list of researched data. For my presentation in class, I talked about the importance of sunscreen and had found this amazing bracelet/ brooch that measured UV & UVA rays on your skin. If the rays became dangerous, it would alert you to go inside or possibly add on more sunscreen. The importance behind the innovation in this piece of technology could literally be saving lives as we speak. Alerting users to avoid skin cancer by simply reminding them to apply sunscreen based on real data that is being recorded for user’s convenience. I could go on for hours about this thing but at last, here is that awesome list:

  1. Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist by One Size:


The king Patrick Starr has saved all of us when it comes to heavy makeup days. I love glamming up and doing my makeup but removing it has to be my least yet most satisfying part. Skincare is very important so facilitating the removal of my makeup really does push me to continue my routine. Just a spray of this magic liquid around your face and your makeup will melt off.

2. One Step Volumizer Hair Dryer by Revlon:

I have heard about this hair drying for months but it wasn’t until I tried it myself that I actually understood how life-changing it is. From wet straight hair to voluminous blow out like hair in a matter of minutes. Not too many minutes either, like max 20, and that’s on a bad day! My hair was luscious for so many days I almost didn’t want to wash it.


3. Ice Globes by Faceice:

Personally, I think these will remain unattainable to me for a while, considering the price. I do have to admit that the idea is genius. Although it may look funny the overall health benefits for inflammation and sinus relief are incredible. Just like freezing spoons for puffy eyes, these are wonder balls to defeat inflammation around the face.


4. Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray by ColorWow:

Alongside the Revlon hair dryer, this hair spray is also for my gals who need help on the hair department. A few spritz of this magic solution cuts drying time in half therefore reducing frizz while also prepping your hair for styling if needed. Perfect for beach days or busy mornings when there is no time to spend on hair.


5. Guide Wand by Guide Beauty:

This Allure Best of Beauty Award Winning product is definitely the most innovative on the list. Created to form the perfect winged eyeliner on any eye shape every time. Anyone that has ever attempted to do eyeliner knows the struggle when you first begin practicing. With this magic wand, you struggle no more, simply apply the product onto the applicator and stamp it on your eye where you would like to position your wing. SIMPLY GENIUS.



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