New Mum-To-Be: Emily Ratajkowski & Her Flawless Self

Emily Ratajkowski, a model, actress, mum-to-be, activist, and the -utmost- confident, and a guru in the female body and sexuality empowerment; is now expecting a baby with Sebastian Bear – McClard!

Like many of us -I am aware I could not be the only one- Emily is that kind of woman you have heard or seen of; either protesting over a Supreme Court Nominee alongside Amy Schumer or on the cover of magazines as Threats!, Sports Illustrated, and many more. She is an overload of beauty, appeal, combined with a unique taste of fashion. Nonetheless, her Instagram has all of us drooling with her content all the time -now- more than ever with her new pregnancy pictures with an exclusive with American Vogue which, is beyond serene, intimate, and delicate photo shoot by Cass Bird we have been blessed with.

Emily revealed in her interview with Vogue Magazine how she opts to keep the gender of her baby unknown until -the baby- turns 18 and can decide by him/herself. As part of this modern woman generation, I can -absolutely- understand why Emily would break gender stereotypes, giving space for her “mini-me” the openness of deciding what fits better to the baby’s future lifestyle. The fight for stereotypes still remarkable attached to an archaic mentality that holds us down to a -somewhat disrespectful- green light to dictate how others should live their life. We can only hope that -this- generation of mothers have an easier path to see their children grow with equality and fair solutions, rather than the constant fight we strive to conquer. Emily and husband Sebastian are eager to meet their baby, have that first physical contact, but they are not in a rush to find out their baby’s gender whatsoever.

Emily also mentioned during her interview how being pregnant feels ”like going through the process” alone since her partner’s body is not the one being affected by the constant changes of a growing fetus. Pregnancy, not something I can freely give my opinions on it; I do hear stories about my friends who already had babies and express how difficult it is to realize tasks along the day. Once the baby is born co-parenting can result in much relief for the mum-to-be only if the SO is as committed to waking up in the middle of the night -to change dirty nappies- as the mum is. Ratajkowski also confessed how her friend’s story about how postpartum depression affected the way she perceived her husband and had to learn how to love him again. Em shared how close people to her would often give her advice on what or what not to do -which from what my friends tell me, this usually creates more stress for a first-time mother than even the pregnancy- of course, Emily will react to what suits her best including professional recommendation.

All and all, Emily has never looked more charming and extraordinary than before. We are 100% sure her husband, friends and family members are enjoying this new phase in Emily’s life -which I am thrilled- to see all the beautiful moments that will be shared with the world. Certainly, disregarding the gender, there is no doubt that Em’s baby is going to be loved and protected by all of us, with a genetic beauty that only a few -obviously not be- can be fortunate to obtain.

We wish her -and hubby- a huge amount of love and light, and lots of positivity and patience during the next weeks until the three of them meet!

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