Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

Halloween is just around the corner! And though this year the spooks are going to be celebrated differently due to the pandemic, we won’t be stopped from putting on our costume and get candy! Or we might just put on a costume to watch a horror film marathon. The whole point of throwing on a costume is to have fun and get into the spook mood.

You can make a costume out of anything you have in the closet! Let’s start with the basics.

  1. Wednesday Addams

Have a short black dress? You can be part of the Addams Family! Just put your hair in two braids, get a vampire-like makeup (pale, with smokey eyes), put on some boots and you’re ready to go!

2. Witch

This is one of the most basic ones, but it’s always fun to be a witch! You can wear any dark dress you have, get a hat from the store (or make it yourself if you have the creativity), put on dark makeup, take your broom and let’s go flying to get some candy!

Image from Pinterest

3. Rosie the Riveter

Wanna feel powerful and look great at the same time? Then this is the costume for you! Take out you jeans jacket and jeans pants, do your hair in a messy bun, use a red bandana as an accessory to give you that pin-up look, wear some boots and you got it! You can make the “Rosie” name tag and even attach it to yourself with velcro or glue it if you’re in a hurry. Don’t forget the WE CAN DO IT sign!

4. Fairy

If you have a glittery dress at the very back of your closet then this is the time to own the look! Get youself a pair of wings from the store, do a glittery-magical makeup, wear some flats and you will become a magical creature for the night. There is no rule on how to do your hair, you can just rock some beautiful waves or you can do a messy bun.

5. Cat

Remember the movie Aristocats? The song that says “Everybody wants to be a cat” has never been so real! This is a very common-but-practical costume for Halloween. You can even get the ears, tail, and collar at the store. You can wear anything: pants, a skirt,, a dress, and you can be a kitty. What will make you different is going to be your makeup. If you won a pair of lenses you can wear them too, to deepen your eyes and give you the powerful glare that felines have. Don’t forget the cat-eye and the whiskers!

6. Milkshake

Get yourself ready to sing “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” with this really-easy costume. If you have a white, brown, pink, or green dress, you can become a milkshake by just making a headpiece with a cherry on top. To make the whip cream you can get a headband, glue some cotton balls together, give it the shape and you will be cool as whip. For the cherry you can use a foam ball and a chenille stem. You can even become a bubble tea if you own a polkadot dress!

Image from Pinterest

7. Scarecrow

Look for your plaided shirt, some jeans, boots, and a straw hat, and you’ll be good to… well… scare crows. The makeup is very simple: paint your nose in a orange-y tone, draw some lines on the corners of your mouth to make it seem like it is sewn, put some orange eyeshadow on your cheeks and voila!

8. Mime

It’s time to put that black and white stripped shirt to use! Some black pants, suspenders, a beret, a bandana tied around your neck, flats, and obviously the white gloves, will make you the not-talker-but-shower of the night. You don’t have to paint your face white if you don’t want, you can just put on some red lipstick and draw the little tears on your eye.

Image from Pinterest

9. Minion

Your jeans overall and a yellow shirt will be a great costume! You can make the round glasses with foamie or carboard, whatever you own! Get some black gloves too and you’ll be ready to be screaming “PAPOY” all over the place.

Image from Pinterest

10. Hippie

That tie-dye shirt you have will take you back to the 70s! Just wear something around your head (flowers, bandana, shoe laces…), take out your jeans and heels, put on some round shades and make a peace sign!

Image from Pinterest

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