Dress like a K-Pop idol

Stores where you can find different items at affordable prices to look like you’re just about to hit the stage!

As a K-Pop fan, I can’t stop wishing to have the wardrobe of many idols. Their style is insanely good! But sometimes, might be a little pricey. And that’s why I’m here, to tell you where to find clothes (and accessories!) that resembles those of K-Pop idols.


This online store sells Asian products such as makeup, skincare products, clothing, and even food. They have the latest in fashion at affordable prices. There are many shirts with stripes, turtle necks, crop cardigans, camisoles, the in-style lettuce edges shirts… you name it! They also have Korean makeup brands that probably many idols use in their daily life, so not only you would be dressing alike, but also can do your makeup like them.

The only downside of this shop is that their sizes are limited to the Asian size chart and the items only reach up to Large. Also is only directed to women, but it’s a great option to buy makeup and accessories.


This online shop has about anything and I mean it! They even sell items for home decoration! This one is a personal favorite. Their clothes are super affordable, comfortable and super stylish. This is a great place to buy cargo pants, plaided skirts, tape belts, bucket hats, colorful chains, and even chunky shoes. Their sizes range from Small to 4X and their size chart is pretty true. Their clothing also have beautiful designs and patterns, from delicate flowers to fierce dragons. SHEIN isn’t limited to women, they also have clothes for men and children, which is amazing!

Forever 21

In-store or online, this store is one of my favorite when looking for clothes to look like an idol. Most idols like to wear clothing with uncommon graphics and Forever 21 is the place to find that. They are always up to date with the latest trends and their clothing runs with the seasons. Boots are always present among their shoes, a must to complete your K-idol look! I personally go to this store when looking for overalls because they always have them in different colors, styles, and sizes. Forever21 also offers cute accessories and products for skincare such as sheet masks, pore strips and skincare tools.

Their clothes run a smaller than their size, so you’ll have to have that in mind when shopping.


This store offers a variety of plain tops, very popular among K-idols because they combine with everything. Their clothes are also very stylish, which goes perfectly with every concept. They also have different styles of cardigans and jackets. Their skirts are top-notch and are available in different styles and colors. Their clothes run a little small, but they have plus sizes available too.

Hot Topic

If you want to look more rocker or grungy, this is your place. Here you will find leather jackets, bands tees, skulls, plaided skirts, pants with outlandish patterns, and mesh tights. Lately they have been selling K-Pop merch as well, which I find amusing. They have different sizes available, so everyone can rock the look!

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