A Monologue For A Piece of Mind.

Mental health matters. This week, I have tried to focus on the true definition of that sentence. Yes, I see it all over social media at all times but I never really sit and think of how my mental health affects me. With our daily human altercations, it is sometimes very easy to forget about what matters most while we’re trying to get life done. I can testify to the fact that many times eating, sleeping, and even taking a breather can easily blow over my head, and that’s simply because I am not grounded in what matters most. For some it may be singing and for others it may be running, but for me writing is a strong key. Simply running my fingers through a keyboard grounds me and makes me feel present. Yes, writing may not be a magic pill that cures it all, but it definitely makes things better. No matter what has come my way, a moment to write always is a good choice. I don’t have to necessarily write about what has been going on but the flow of random words sort of blow away my deepest darkest thoughts during hard times.

With that being said, I welcome you to My Creative Side again and I hope you enjoy this very unique and peculiar piece. A piece filled with dark humor that was able to fill my heart with light during very dark times.

Everything was going wrong on this day and then I died. It wasn’t a sad or dramatic way of dying, it was kind of dumb. Everything started to happen as soon as I woke up. As some like to say, I “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”. The night before, I had a lot of homework to do because I procrastinated. I ended up sleeping very late. I was so tired that when I went to stop my alarm, I dropped my phone, cracked the screen, and broke my lamp. When I finally got out of bed, I decided to check the time. “6:50 am” read my clock. I’ll never forget how fast I brushed my teeth and my hair, somewhat tied my shoes, and put my shirt on backwards. My mom made me eat breakfast because I wasn’t late enough. 

When I finally made it to school I was twenty minutes late. I sat down and took out my binder to begin working. I was proud of myself because I’d finished all my homework last night even though I wanted those hours of sleep that I had lost. I proudly went up to my teacher, opened up my binder, and turned in my long, neat, blank paper. Yes, blank paper! I now remembered that I had forgotten my homework on top of my desk. I could only imagine it sitting on my desk surrounded by my pens. “This day can’t go any better,” I thought to myself. After that class, I had math, geometry to be specific. I usually always end up falling asleep or procrastinating and leaving my classwork for homework. It’s not the best idea but I just zone out and it almost feels as if I am sleeping with my eyes open. I was hoping that it would be a good class. But once again, I was wrong.

I came inside and sat down. My teacher was giving us this weird awkward smile. I thought maybe that was a good thing, but like before…I was wrong!! Just as I thought that the day couldn’t possibly get worse, the teacher announced that there would be a pop quiz that was worth two grades. I had no idea how to do anything that was on the quiz and I knew that I had failed badly. Throughout the test, my teacher had kept that weird awkward smile as if he knew we were going to fail and couldn’t wait to put the F. I was relieved when the class ended but I didn’t want to think of what was next for me. It was finally lunch time and everything was going great until the last ten minutes. 

For lunch, there was spaghetti. I hated cafeteria food but to follow orders from my mom, I bought the food anyway. I didn’t eat it, but when I went to throw it away, a kid bumped into me causing the spaghetti to fall on me. The feeling of long and gooey strings all over me and the tacky red sauce on my clothes disgusted me on a serious level. Everyone stared for a good three minutes. I then grabbed my stuff and stormed to the bathroom. I knew I was going to be late for my next class but I couldn’t walk in looking or smelling the way I did. I managed to survive my last two classes of the day but I had a feeling that more bad things were in store for me. 

When I’d gotten out of my last class, it was storming outside, trees were falling, cars were beeping, lightening was striking, and umbrellas were breaking. It was complete chaos everywhere you looked. I took out my umbrella and five minutes into walking home, it broke. I almost got ran over by a car which has happened before, which is why it didn’t surprise me but what happened next was something I would have never seen coming. I was really close to getting home when a very big branch fell on me causing me to collapse onto the ground. It was an instant death. As I’m telling you this, I’m actually laughing, but out of all the ways a young girl like me can die, I would’ve never thought the branch of a single tree would be the one to cause my death.

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