Top 5 Mascaras for an Everyday Falsies Look!

Finding the perfect mascara for an everyday look must be one of the hardest to find, but once acquired, you never go back. The perfect mascara must have it all from length, to volume, no clumps, affordable cost, and most importantly an easy removal. We’re talking about high stakes here for a tube of product with a spoolie brush that can literally transform your whole look. Mascara is such a staple piece to anyone because just mascara within itself can be a look. Long lashes are awakening and beautiful on any face.

  1. The Colossal Mascara from Maybelline.

I like to say that The Colossal Mascara from Maybelline is a classic mascara. It’s the type of mascara that has been around forever and I have endless tubes of it at home. It checks almost everything off my good mascara list. The Colossal is lengthening and volumizing, the cost is also super affordable. For most of its livelihood, the mascara is not clumpy at all but as soon as it begins to dry up after some time it may clump up a bit and the only aspect that lets me down is the fact that this mascara may be a bit hard to remove.

Retail Price: $7.99

2. Lash Princess Mascara by Essence.

This mascara is one of the newest to my collection and considering the price I did not think I would enjoy it but god did I love it. The packaging states that the mascara gives a false lash extension look and it really does, my eyelashes literally look like butterflies fluttering. Just like The Colossal mascara, the Lash princess is also a bit tough to remove. I go from butterflies to raccoon eyes in seconds.

Retail Price: $4.99

3. High Impact Mascara by Clinique.

I was presented to this mascara by my best friend a couple of years back and I’ve always kept that mascara with me in my purse since. It’s great at everything, including removal! The price is on the upper scale but still fair for such a great quality mascara. The only thing I would say I may dislike a bit about it is that I have to pack on a good 3-4 coats in order for it to really show and sometimes that can be a lot of product.

Retail Price: $20.00

4. Better than Sex Mascara by TooFaced.

This mascara by TooFaced is one of the most rich formulas I’ve tried. The color is potent and present, the brush allows for easy application and great volume. It can become clumpy if you over apply but that’s where the saying ” a little goes a long way” comes into place. This mascara is also on the upper scale for pricing but definitely worth a try.

Retail Price: $26.00

5. Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara by Thrive Causemetics.


2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winning mascara by Thrive Causemetics is my number 1 favorite. I have talked about it before here on the blog, but the Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara is just THE BEST. Lengthening, volumizing, 100% clump free ALWAYS, and most importantly the EASIEST removal possible for any mascara. The product literally glides off with one swipe of makeup remover but won’t bleed throughout the day and give you raccoon eyes. Although the price is on the upper scale, it’s worth it considering the money this product will save you on makeup remover wipes and the unbelievable looking results.

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