Autumn Trends From #TargetStyle Who What Wear & More

Okay, so, we are transitioning to one of my favourite seasons of the year, Autumn. At the beginning is such a contradictory concept in which is still -sort of- a warm climate that allows us to sport a nice, fresh pedicure, showcased in cute sandals, but cool enough to start layering with an unpredictable style. Whether you follow trends or not, you have to admit that the Autumn season is the most permissible as far as what can we wear, and how can we style it. 

The real question for those living in warmer, tropical zones -like moi- always happens to be, but, is not too hot to be layering for fall? The answer to that is frankly simple, no, is not too hot to start layering! I dislike feeling hot, sweating or anything in between that does not help me to feel airy and cool. When it comes to Autumn, we have to take into consideration prints, light layering pieces -for those living in tropical zones- lifestyle, occasion, and many other key points that affect the way you create and elevate your look. 

I am passionate about finding styles at great prices wherever the place is from upscale-to-designer, from department stores-to-thrifting. Your style is defined by your personality and not a price tag so utterly important to have that in your shopping thought process! Besides, it is unfairly disturbing going over budget trying to impress anyone at all, as long as you wear anything with confidence, you are already elevating your look, making it look expensive!

It comes as no secret that I am a fan of Target’s women’s clothing department for quite a long time now. It all started when I got my first job working in upscale retail, and my dress code change drastically from being able to wear jeans to -now- elevating my look to a business-casual attire. I was in a challenging position financially where I could barely afford a hot plate of food to put on the table after paying all my bills. It was ultra-clear that I had to dress appropriately in alignment with the company dress code if I wanted to maintain my job and have the chance to better my financial stability. That is -with no doubt- why Target clothing department rescued my wardrobe at considerable prices without sacrificing style! Before we get all confused, this is not a paid ad, it is -simply- a grateful feeling.

My #TargetStyles Fall Picks

Who What Wear Puff Sleeve Babydoll Dress

Comfort Layering

Essie Autumn 2020 Colours

Autumn Florals

LBD Staple Piece


Wide-Leg Cropped Pants

Pop of Colour

Animal Print Meets Military

Chic Athleisure

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