Top 5 All Year Round Nail Polish Colors.

I feel my very best when my nails are done, I could have a massive breakout on my face and my makeup might not be done but nothing makes me feel better than a fresh mani and pedi. It’s the self-care that my body needs and craves! Knowing how much I love doing my nails, you would think I have been able to try out funky and fun colors for all the different seasons of the year. Shockingly, that’s not the case. Every time I go to the nail salon I always wonder what color I should do next but I always end up picking from the same five I always do. I’m not mad about it though! These 5 colors are beautiful classics that I think look great on anyone.

  1. Send Nudes?

Pretty basic but at last always a must! Nude colors on my nails are my go-to for more formal events. Anything ranging from a job interview to a nice photoshoot, or even a dance or dinner. I tend to stay away from pink nudes as I think creamier nudes look a lot better on me but all shades of nude will pair perfectly with any outfit!

2. Classic Bunny White.

A classic but never my first choice. It is not very often that I decide to paint white gel on my nails. Although I love how elegant and simple it is, it’s just too messy! I wished all of my white set of nails were to stay pearly white through the two weeks they usually last me but the reality of it is that by that fourteenth day they are a grown out yellow color that nobody would ever choose to wear. Regardless of that downside, white is awesome for pictures because it stands out the most! Definitely worth it for endless memories.

3. Chic Pink!

I definitely gravitate more towards this color during the spring. A bubble gum pink looks good with pretty much everything, its girly and most importantly super chic!

4. Queen Royal Blue.

A royal blue on my pale skin is never a bad idea, a close top favorite of mine! I’m actually considering painting my car this color so that should tell you just about how much I like it… Royal blue on my nails makes me feel empowered as if I can conquer the world. It’s dark but not scary and it will not get as dirty as a nude or white. A win win win !

  1. Boss Lady Red!
    Red is just the one for me. I had a phase, not too long ago where every set of nails I did for a whole good 3 months were red after another shade of red after another, and let me tell you it was great! I love the color red so much that any shade will do for me but a big apple red will always be my number one go-to FOR LIFE!

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