Instagram’s #NewUpcomingBrands

Unamused, shopping the same brands for the longest, and ready to have a new brand experience? This is your moment! I took the -long-assignment of scrolling through social media, looking for the best to offer out there. I came across sustainable, handmade, and ethical brands, that interest and satisfied my wants/fashion needs. Their stories, missions, craftsmanship, and dedication are grand! These are my 10 researched #newupcomingbrands from all over the world as a celebration of the end of August!

Rylee & Ink Happy colorful jewelry, handmade in Canada

  • Sustainable
  • Hand-drawn
  • 3-Dimesional Jewelry

ANNAMARIAANGELIKA Handmade with love in Peru. Designed in Berlin.

  • Fashion Label That Treats People and Nature With Respect
  • Sustainable
  • Timeless Design

Accent By Marlijne With lots of love, handmade treasures that will give you the Accent to shine everywhere

  • Real Freshwater Pearls
  • Elegance, Playfulness and Charm
  • Handmade Jewelry

Deepartment Store London Seasonless limited pieces

  • Pieces Meant to Last Forever
  • Classics
  • Storyline of the Western World

Zoé de Huertas Timeless bags for contemporary women

  • Vegetable Tanned and Metal Free Leather
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Great Attention to Quality

ASTERIN Authentic lounge streetwear

  • Effortlessly Stylish
  • Luxe Loungewear
  • Simple and Chic

Ridah Ethical-sustainable brand established and manufactured in Puerto Rico Since 2019

  • Handmade-Bags
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable

Bump & Milk Sustainable designs for fashionable motherhood

  • Designed for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond
  • Ethically made in Europe
  • Sustainable

Moon Jewels Everything you need for your healing process

  • Crystals, Sage, Palo Santo & Incense
  • Custom Crystal Jewelry & Keychains

Veronika Guardi Sustainable Luxury Womenswear

  • Handcrafted Timeless Designs
  • Luxury Sustainable Fashion That Flatters All Figures
  • Bespoke Silhouettes

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