99cent Skincare Line! Are You Shopping Smartly?

I tend to roam the Target beauty aisles pretty frequently. It’s always nice seeing all the new and improved beauty products these companies are coming up with even when I’m not purchasing anything. Although I won’t deny that I have fallen into the marketing traps many times and left Target with products I didn’t even know I needed. On one of my last few trips to the beloved world of Target, I came across many of their products in their new brand called Smartly.

According to the Target website, Smartly is Target’s exclusive brand for a budget-conscious shopper. Everyday items from all-purpose cleaner and body lotion, to paper plates and razor blades.” And those two short sentences speak the truth! When I rolled down an aisle and my eyes glanced over a ninety-nine cent bag of makeup remover wipes my pupils literally dilated. I later found razors, a face cleanser, and even a moisturizer for all less than two dollars each! It felt like I was in skincare galore, where everything I needed on the daily to maintain a nice routine wasn’t breaking the bank.

Now you thought it ended there, but the story gets even better! This brand also carries all household items for prices nobody in the game can beat! I’m talking about four dollar laundry detergent bottle or even on the go sandwich Ziploc like bags. Literally, every college student’s dream, saving money purchasing things you need while still loving the products you’re using at home. I do have to admit that these affordable essentials are very good at what they’re supposed to do. I have been using their skincare line for weeks and I couldn’t be happier with my results. My makeup remover wipes are effective at removing all sorts of tough makeup like waterproof mascara, while the cleanser and moisturizer keep my complexion moisturized, glowy, and breakout free. I have to also add that it feels very comforting for big shot companies like Target to take such uncertain times into consideration and aide the people of their communities by making such valued essentials for all affordable and accessible to everyone.

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