Female Artists you might be interested to check out if you want to practice your vocal techniques at home

When we usually hear the word musicians the most common thoughts go directly to the individuals that play any kind of instrument. Once you understand the meaning of creating music you will add the vocal cords as the following method of expressing emotions through harmonies. It’s being able to feel our emotions along with notes that appear to be an amazing melody.

I remember when I was young and I feel attracted to the music. My father has decided to show us how we were supposed to listen to any type of song. He always said listen, very carefully… I gotta admit sometimes I thought that was silly, but I kept doing it anyway. Nowadays —thanks to him and my husband’s lessons— I understand the importance of creating a habit to hear the instruments that are playing in the theme I’m listening to.

I have a different type of artist that influence me and help with my singing techniques over the years.

Starting with my biggest influencer cause of her amazing talents Amy Jade Winehouse

English singer and songwriter known for her contralto vocals and her mix of genres including soul, blues, and jazz. This is a few songs that I used to improve my vocal techniques:

1. Back to Black

2. Valerie

3. You know I’m no good

4. Rehab

5. Tears dry

When it comes to worship I used to listen to a variety of singers like Lauren Diagle and her songs:

1. You Say

2. Rescue

3. Peace Be Still

4. Look Up Child

5. How Can It Be

Following Kim WalkerSmith one of the lead singers in Jesus Culture Band and their songs:

1. How He Love Us

2. Rooftops

3. Stones

4. I Need You More

5. Jesus Paid it All

Nina Simone an american singer, songwriter, musician, is one of my favorites female artists and role models who combined her music career with her civil rights fight.

1. Feeling Good

2. Color is a Beautiful Thing

3. I Put a Spell on You

4. To be Young, Gifted and Black

5. I Wish I knew How it Would Feel to be Free

Alicia Keys an American singer and songwriter with her outstanding talents as vocalist and classical pianist and her most popular songs:

1. If Ain’t Got You

2. No One

3. Empire State of Mind

4. Girl On Fire

5. Falling

Norma Deloris Egstrom, known as the beautiful Peggy Lee, an American jazz singer, songwriter and actress, and her six decades career with popular songs including:

1. Fever

2. I’m A Woman

3. Lover

4. Alright, Okay, You Win

5. He’s A Tramp

Another of my favorites vocalist Adele and amazing songs like:

1. Rolling In the Deep

2. Rumor Has It

3. Love Song

4. Set Fire To the Rain

5. Skyfall

Whitney Elizabeth Houston, known as the most awarded female artist and the best selling recording artist of all time. Being the most African-American influence to several female artist.

1. I Will Always Love You

2. I Have Nothing

3. I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

4. I Learn From the Best

5. Try it On my Own

Being a good latin singer I gotta add to this list my favorites Spanish singers and songwriters with an outstanding career.

I’ve have been listening to Kany Garcia a Puerto Rican artist since I’m 13 years old when her first Latin Grammy Winning Album Cualquier Dia (Any Day) was released. Adding to this list songs including:

1. Hoy Ya Me Voy

2. Con Esta Soledad

3. Estigma de Amor

4. Para Siempre

5. Esta Vida Tuya y Mía

Another amazing Spanish American singer is Christina Aguilera, known for her performance as an actress on Burlesque Film and her television personality. Following her songwriting like:

1. Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti

2. Ven Conmigo

3. El mejor Guerrero (Mulan Disney)

4. But Im a Good Girl

5. Por Siempre Tú

Jesse & Joy are the following artist of my Spanish section. This duo has amazing themes some of my favorites come from the Album called Electricidad (Electricity)

1. Electricidad

2. Adiós

3. Una y Otra Vez

4. Invisible

5. Me Llora el Cielo

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