Tropical Passion Fruit Mango Sherbet!

Living in a place like Miami, where it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit almost all year round, I’ve managed to acquire some pretty refreshing recipes to indulge in. Recipes that are so refreshing, it will leave you and friends asking for more. This Tropical Passion Fruit Mango Sherbet has to be one of the most delicious creations I’ve been able to come up with yet! It’s easy to make, uses simple and affordable ingredients, and most importantly it is SO GOOD!

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Petit Nectar – Mango Juice.

-A small carton of 6.8 fluid oz.

– The best mango juice ever created on planet earth! I grew up drinking these and one of my best friends stocks these up at home which I think is amazing!

2. El Sembrador – Passion Fruit & Mango Frozen Fruit Pulp.

– 90 grams of mango fruit pulp.

– 90 grams of passion fruit frozen pulp.

– Now you may be wondering why I’m not asking you to use regular old frozen fruit, trust me when I tell you I have tried it, it’s not the same. The frozen pulp is a lot more concentrated in flavor and oddly enough it helps a lot with the end result of the creaminess.

3. Valentini – Coconut Pineapple Ice Cream.

– 2 ice cream scoops.

– This recipe wouldn’t say sherbet if it didn’t have some sort of dairy, and there comes the key! This locally made ice cream from Miami has the perfect balance between coconut and pineapple in this delicious flavor from their line. It adds color and creaminess to the sherbet while also making it sweeter to satisfy your dessert cravings.

4. Ice Cubes.

-Just about half a cup of frozen water cubes 😉

How to Prepare:

– First, you’re going to want to assemble your blender.

– Combine ALL of the ingredients in the blender.

– Blend all ingredients in the blender on LOW.

– Make sure all ingredients are well incorporated, blend again if needed & SERVE!

But wait! This is not the end of this recipe!

Jarelis here, hello! I am about to drop some delicious alcoholic pairing to enjoy this astonishing recipe!

  • Bubblies- Adding bubbles like Champaign or Prosecco it is always a great idea! It is a nice, smooth and eclectic morning/brunch drink, perfect for a catch up with friends or -simply- enjoying a day off at home.
  • Vodka or White Rum – A traditional summer rejoice, easy pairing, and a perfect cocktail for a house party, beach day, or even for the sake of it!
  • Gin- My favourite spirit of all! I am not one to experiment with Gin, however, this recipe seems to have a great flow to pair with Gin.

Spirits are endless! Just have a blast preparing it and drinking it!!

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