Top 5 Netflix Binging Shows That Are Worth Watching!

After a long hard day of work, I look forward to coming home and spend some quality time watching some good shows. Every night I try to squeeze in as many episodes as I can before my eyes completely shut and rest for the night. These are shows that are worth watching and staying up for, even though you might regret it the next morning… YOLO am I right?

1.Grey’s Anatomy.

My best friend recommended this show to me and even though I had try watching it many times in the past I didn’t become hooked until recently. This show always leaves you on the edge of your seat and it definitely will keep you up until late if you’re riding the roller coaster of emotions going on here.

2.Down To Earth with Zac Efron.

I share the joy of watching this show with my love. My boyfriend and I love this interesting show presented to you by the one and only Zac Efron. Every time we watch the show my boyfriend reminds me of the big crush I had on Troy from High School Musical as a kid. The show travels with you around the world in search of new ways of sustainability to bring to the USA.

3.Money Heist.

I personally got hooked on this show during Quarantine back in March. I watched the whole show in days with all episodes back to back with no stop because I had nothing better to do and the show was just that good. the next season is coming out soon and I definitely recommend the whole show to anyone with any liking. It is also a must to watch in Spanish as it is a Spanish show.

4.El Barco.

Another great Spanish hit, I watched this show growing up in Spain. The World ends and there is a single boat full of people in the middle of the ocean. Love, death, joy, all occurs in this breathtaking show. I can easily watch all seasons in days.

5.Criminal Minds.

A must for anyone that likes a little mystery. Another show I share the joy of enjoying with my love. Very long, it will take forever to finish but very interesting and perfect for rainy days. You learn a lot and just like Grey’s it always keeps you in the edge of your feet.

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