The Great Miscellaneous of My Instagram Feed

There was such a great number of things going up on the internet, especially on Instagram. From discoveries in nail art artists, home decor, new fashion collections, engagements and more. So let’s take an insight into what I am scrolling through during my lunch break!

It has been such an extremely chaos trying to manifest my goals, finding a balance with work, being social, and keeping up with you guys. However, I still keep my eyes wide open to bring every single one of you the best of fashion, trends, and more. Recently I have found tons on inspiration through simultaneous accounts, I could be naming all of them all day long, but would that keep you in your toes? I think not (you can follow us on IG by searching @AwkwardlyVain for the greater good of our sense of style!). I promise you are going to be highly interested in my Miscellaneous IG picks!

Valeria Lipovetsky: 30 Days Outfit

Demi Lovato’s Engagement

Valentino’s Haute Couture

Hime On The Streets New Earings

Betina Goldstein Flawless Manicure

Clectic Clips Having A 25% Off Sale

Rommy de Bommy Art Purse Creations

Sander Bos T-Shirt Handbag

Fenty x Amina Muaddi Shoe Collection Collab

Jacquemus Summer 2021 Collection

Don’t Forget to follow us on IG: @AwkwardlyVain for more fashion, beauty. and much more!

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