Recommendation of a K-Pop Group According to Your Zodiac Sign

I am a believer that every zodiac sign has some characteristic that makes them unique, and so, I will recommend a K-Pop group based on your zodiac sign.


Stray Kids – This K-Pop group is a boy group currently composed of 8 members, with ages that range between 23 and 19. They are signed under the company JYP Entertainment and they debuted on 2018. Since they are one of the youngest groups, their songs tend to be energetic and powerful, criticizing the society and the system. But underneath that bad boy façade, there are 8 shy boys, who are actually adorable and very soft. Their most recent song is ‘God’s Menu’, and you should definitely hear it, because it’s *chef kiss*


Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) – I think everyone knows BTS around the world at this point. They are the most popular K-Pop group. BTS is a 7 members boy group signed under the Big Hit Entertainment company, who debuted on 2013. The oldest member is 27 years old and the youngest is 23. BTS has a tendency of being very artistic with their music and music videos (they have a whole history and even books!). It’s so clever how they have connected all the songs and music videos to tell a story. They also are very compassionate and are always willing to help others without expecting anything back. If you haven’t listened to them yet, I invite you to do so, you won’t regret it. The music video for ‘ON’ is very artistic, and if you want to explore more the story of the Bangtan Universe, I recommend watching ‘Highlight Reel’.


BLACKPINK – This girl group is one of the most popular one. These four girls have a lot of history and are very loved by many people. Even though their company keeps playing dirty on them and don’t give them the spotlight and exposure they deserve, they have been persistent and have remained confident and determined. It’s not often that they launch a new song, but when they do, they break all the records. Their music is very unique, and it always brings a new choreography to learn. Their most recent single is ‘How You Like That’ and the music video is full of color and energy.


Taemin – He’s not exactly a group, he’s a solo singer. In fact, he’s in a boy group called Shinee which is one of the most loved groups around the world, and also has a participation in the group SuperM. Taemin released his first solo project on 2014. You must be asking yourself why did I pick him? Well, Taemin is known for being one of the sexiest guys in the K-Pop industry, musically and physically. He’s also very hardworking and he’s and amazing dancer. His voice is very unique, you’ll definitely know when he’s singing because his voice a tone that nobody else has. People love him so much because besides being beautiful, he’s also a great human. When you hear his most recent song ‘Want’, you’ll understand everything I just said.


Seventeen – Do not panic! They are not seventeen members! They are actually 13. Because it has so many members, this group has different personalities, in fact, they are divided in 3 units: the Hip-Hop unit, the Dance unit, and the Vocal unit. They are one of the most fun groups to follow and you never know what you will face in the next comeback. Seventeen debuted on 2015 and are under the PLEDIS company. Their have all type of songs, from energetic, to sad, to sexy, they have everything! Their recent title song ‘Left & Right’ is super fun and you should definitely hear it.


Day6 – This group is a band with 5 members, and you will love them if you like Rock. They debuted on 2015. The have the most emotional songs, when I say you’ll cry, I mean it. The members are very friendly, they tend to socialize a lot with their fans on Twitter. Their songs mostly discuss real-life problems in an artistic way. Their most recent title song ‘Zombie’ it’s something different to hear, I invite you to do it.


Mamamoo – Mamamoo is a 4-member girl group. Everyone considers them as the queens because they always break the stereotypes of the K-Pop industry. They have different types of songs and some of the members also have solo projects, which are ART! Their artistic names are inspired in the elements, which is so clever. Their music videos show a lot of girl power and are very cinematic. As a group, their most recent title song is ‘Hip’, an energetic song with a colorful music video you should definitely see.


Twice – One of the most loved girl group around the world. These 9 girls have proven to be the most caring, as they have gone through a lot and still, they support each other with the biggest smile on their faces. Many of their songs carry the message of self-love, of how to support your best friend through anxiety. Their most recent album is a BOP, you absolutely have to hear the title song ‘More & More’,


GOT7 – They are one of the most popular and endearing groups around. GOT7 is known for being culturally diverse, as they have South Korean, Chinese, Thai, and American members. They are also known for having one of the most peaceful fandoms. Their songs have about everything from sexy to fun, they are that group you’ve got to have in your playlist. Most of the members have solos, which you can explore each style too. Their most recent title track is ‘Not By The Moon’ and it’s a slow song but the music video will leave you speechless.


VIXX – Don’t get me wrong, I love Scorpios, but they tend to be mysterious and that’s exactly what this group offers. VIXX are known for having the darkest concepts, which is amazing. Their voices are a plus, because they sing beautiful, and they also dance great. The best example of their dark concept is their video for ‘Voodoo Doll’, which even shows blood (it can be triggering for some). Another example is ‘Fantasy’, this video has a mysterious vibe but it’s very artistical.


NCT – Sagittarius tend to be open minded and likes changes, this is why they often wander around the world in search of their purpose. Neo Culture Technology, NCT on short, is a group that may represent this well. This group has 21 members, divided in 4 sub-units: NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U, and WayV. They have members from different countries such as Japan, China, Chicago, Canada, and Thailand. Their goal is to be limitless; they are open to receive different artists from all around the world. Their songs are experimental and have many sound effects. As sub-units, they have released different albums and songs, and each of them define their style. NCT 127 tend to be more techno, while NCT Dream—with the youngest members—have the most fun songs. NCT U has about everything, as the members of this unit aren’t fixed, they rotate. WayV is also varied with their songs as they are the Chinese unit. Below, I will post the most recent songs of each unit, you’ll decide which one you like the best.


Ateez – Ateez is a Rookie group, debuting on 2018. I think I’ve never seen a group so attentive to their fans and to what’s happening around the world. Once you’ll see their leader, you will fall in love because he is a cinnamon roll! He’s the most caring with his members. Ateez had a very fast success because they offered new concepts and new sounds. They gained popularity fast with their dancing skills and their unique voices. If you haven’t heard them before, I encourage you to do so, they will conquer your heart instantly. They are having a comeback soon and everyone is expecting them to shine brighter than ever. They are characterized by their time-traveling pirates concept, which is really interesting. Their recent music video is ‘Answer’ which is a complete work of art.

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