Billion-Dollar Broadway Show On Your Phone Screen!

This past Friday, July third of the year twenty-twenty the billion-dollar, Tony award-winning, broadway show, Hamilton aired on Disney+. After having already taken the breaths of billions away back in January of twenty- fifteen, the filmed version of the show has caught the attention of many more in the last couple of days. Many explain having watched the live show as the most thrilling experience they’ve ever encountered. Having such a sensational film brought to the comfort of the homes of Disney+ users is an extraordinary idea… right?

I have to admit I have never been a huge fan of Broadway shows. I have friends that could give hour-long lectures of well-known shows throughout the globe, and I would still have no idea what they’re talking about, but Hamilton was the one show that triggered my curiosity, and I wished to see and experience someday. Although years have passed, and that wish has yet to come true, having watched the show from the comfort of my bed was also a thrilling experience. It felt as if I got to experience details the camera caught that people in the audience may have missed. Details that give the show light and personality. Having said that, I would like to mention the fact that Jonathan Groff does an amazing job portraying King George. The audience can vividly see how the whole cast contributed their blood, sweat, and tears into the making of this groundbreaking show.

You would think that such a diverse, culture-filled, piece of art would be cherished by the public, but it has received quite a lot of backlash from viewers at home. The Daily Mail recently posted a piece where they explained how the show tells the story of Hamilton a young man who immigrated into the Americas and related to the abolition of slavery. As fires have sparked with the Black Lives Matter Movement recently, some relate Hamilton’s story with him being a slave trader and demanding the removal of the show on Disney+ platforms because of it. Although the matter is very sensitive, I do not think the show should be removed from Disney’s platforms. Although the storyline may be related to an unfortunate point in time where our descendants had less access to better education, we can’t avoid the fact that it forms part of American history and we should enjoy the representation created by Lin – Manuel Miranda, which highlights R & B culture through his piece. The songs are the catchiest tunes, they will keep you singing from left to right all day long.

Fans have spoken out on the topic and Twitter pages have been flooded recently with tweets using the hashtags #cancelhamilton, #hamiltonmusical, and #abajohamilton. Many to explain their frustrations on the topic of whether or not they believe it’s fair to remove the show. Just like my best friend, Alexa Lujan who is a huge fan of Broadway musicals and had lots to say when I shocked her with the news of possibly having Hamilton taken off Disney+.

“Hamilton is a show that is well praised by The audience and demonstrates a historical event that lures such a young audience on an educational topic that teaches our youth about our history. It’s educational and it highlights African American culture through RAP music.”

– Alexa Lujan

As they say, the show must go own so if I were you I would take advantage of the fact that you can watch Hamilton from home and gather some friends for movie night. Nothing too crazy, stay under 10 people to keep within safety guidelines for COVID and enjoy such a beautiful demonstration of history from home. Enjoy the show!

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