Netflix Drama-Comedy Shows Us The Following Stage After Motherhood

Everybody talks about the amazing time having a newborn and how that chapter changes their lives forever. But, has anyone tell you about the time when they say goodbye to us? When we find ourselves all alone, in an empty and quiet house… That is the main subject of this movie!

From the feeling of being forgotten three best friends Carol (Angela Bassett), Gillian (Patricia Arquette), and Helen (Felicity Huffman) got into a trip to New York City that would be just the beginning of this maternal story. These ladies were driven by the frustrating situation of their three grown-ups sons ignoring Mother’s Day celebration with them. Thinking of how unfair things work out they decided -out of the sudden- to take their baggage and leave the suburbs to surprise them, spent time with them and surprisingly restore some connections that were in need a long time ago.

Helen, Gillian, and Carol.

This comedy makes you -and most viewers- realize how even when many mothers have given their lives for their children for them to act like “they deserve it all”. They do everything for them as it is represented in this dramedy. Unfortunately, they often paid them back by losing contact or just ignoring some things that are significant to them. More importantly, after the stage when our kids grow up -and how many of us are not prepared and ready- not to let this be a burden to ourselves.

As a mother I find this movie close to reality, it’s normal when our kids began to grow up, -believe me- we have been suffering from any new steps that our children take because they are getting close to being independent. Yes, sis, you read right! That means they are getting prepared every day, every month, and every year not to need us and that is scary as the first time holding them between our arms.

I get ya! Imaging them leaving to their independence… It’s hard, I can’t even picture myself saying goodbye to my girls, knowing they’re not coming back to be my babies. We will always think that they are not better off without us. On the contrary, Gillian showed us how we believe that our judgments would benefit their lives, and some times we just had to lead them towards taking that decision on his/her own. Mothers got almost everything works out, that’s why it could be hard to accept.

“Otherhood” also inspired us to keep being the mothers we have always been to our kiddos, but when the times come to let them go we better take the opportunity to reconnect with our dreams, and with ourselves. The importance is to see this opportunity a priority to seek a better chance for you, to restart working on some things you left behind, to fulfill your deepest desire, but to do everything that will give you happiness and a peaceful mind with yourself. Your job seems to be done.

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