Traveling Time with Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia

Let’s travel back in time! Yes! Let’s go down the memory lane with Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’.

If you like retro music, you definitely have to hear this album. All songs have those distinctive beats of the 80’s – 90s music, and as a 90s baby, I enjoy it so much.

‘Future Nostalgia’ not only is what every retro-lover needed, but also the songs are very powerful. This absolute masterpiece was out on March 27th, and I guess because of the whole pandemic situation, it didn’t receive the recognition it deserves, but I can say wholeheartedly that it saved my life. The album includes 11 songs, from which three of them has music videos, and the rest have lyrics videos full of color and retro symbols. As the name suggest, it is a mix between a futuristic concept and retro themes, I mean, the cover has Dua Lipa driving a car on space, adorned with retro filters.

The first song is Future Nostalgia, which explains basically what you will find throughout the whole album in the lyrics. I think that was super clever! The same Dua Lipa stated that this is an empowering female anthem. This song talks about how women are capable of leading and being strong, and of course is full of that retro beat of the 80s, mixed with future robotic sounds.

The second song is the first single Dua Lipa released from this album, Don’t Start Now. This song talks about overcoming a heartbreak and how it was better that way, even though it was hard. Not many accept the fact that a heartbreak is difficult to overcome but once you do it, you become the most bad-ass B and it feels good.

Don’t Start Now music video

The third song is Cool, a song with a slow beat that talks about falling in love again and how this makes you lose control. This song has a summery vibe, it is definitely something you would listen to while making a roadtrip with friends.

Physical has an official MV, a very powerful one, where Dua Lipa stoles men hearts, literally. The video has a mix of real life scenes and comics, which gives a unique touch and it has this Grease vibe where everyone is dancing, but also has a futuristic theme and I think it resumes the album’s title pretty well. Also this song is inspired in the 80’s hit ‘Physical’ by Olivia Newton-John.

From Physical, the music video

Levitating is a fun song that talks about falling in love with someone who makes you feel like you’re—as a matter of fact—levitating. The lyrics contain retro words such as “sugar boo” and it’s basically a trip through space. It’s a really fun song that you will have you jamming while cleaning the house.

You know when you’re starting a relationship with someone and they ask you if you’re chill and take things slow, and you say yes, but you know how you are, so you basically lie to not scare them away? That’s what Pretty Please is all about: a confession about taking the next step, and is NOW or NEVER. The beat of the song is a cool and chill one, something you would hear while driving.

Hallucinate has a 90’s disco beat and it’s definitely the song that you would dance with your eyes closed, enjoying it to the core. The lyrics are a love confession, letting the other person know that you can’t live without them.

Ever thought you wouldn’t believe in love again after a chaotic breakup, but then this person arrives and you can’t help yourself to love them? With violins and trumpets, Love Again describes that exact feeling. It’s really catchy! Fun fact: the trumpets were a sampling of the song Your Woman by White Town and it definitely gave it that retro vibe.

Break My Heart is one of the most famous singles of Dua Lipa. This song talks about regretting of liking someone, a little too late, because you like them so much and you’re giving them the power to break your heart. It’s the perfect explanation of being scared to be happy because “is too good to be true”.

Break My Heart music video

I love Good in Bed for the fact that Dua Lipa wasn’t afraid of talking about the taboo of sex. You know how society makes it seem like women can’t talk about sexuality, well Dua Lipa said “screw that!” and wrote Good in Bed. This song is pretty straight forward, it talks about how good sex is the only thing that’s keeping a couple together because nothing else is working out. Instead of talking things out, they resolve problems on bed, and while this isn’t exactly bad, it’s not always the solution. It’s genius how she made a song about something that happens a lot, and of course, I love the fact that she was so open about it.

The last song is definitely the most empowering one. The first time I heard it, my jaw dropped. Boys Will Be Boys talk about the struggles of being a woman. The phrase “Boy will be boys” it’s often used to justify the toxic behavior of men when it shouldn’t be like that. The song explains how women have to walk down the street with keys between the knuckles, how people expect us to be home before the sun goes down to avoid getting assaulted, how people wants us to smile to catcalls, or how we “have” to cover up ourselves unless we are “asking for it”. Dua Lipa uses a lot of sarcasm in this song and then explains it, she even uses the word “mansplain” but she flips the meaning and uses it as a way of saying “so you men can understand better”. She also has a line that says “Girls will be women”, probably because we women are forced to grow up and are expected to be mature way before than men. The song inspires the listener to stop saying toxic lines like that one and start teaching the kids about what’s good and what’s wrong.

The whole album is a non-skip, full of retro nostalgia with integrated futuristic elements. The lyrics are full of the empowerment distinctive of Dua Lipa and also are very daring, which we love to hear it! If you haven’t heard this masterpiece, I invite you to do it, now’s the time! You will not regret it.

You can hear the album in different music platforms such as Spotify, and if you want to see the official videos and the lyrics videos, I recommend going to YouTube.

Happy Traveling! 😉

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