I Have Been Self-Dating and Rediscovering Myself Unpursposely

I am currently sipping on my berry, berry Prosecco slushy idea almost the entire day when I realize that I have been expending an immeasurable amount of time trying to understand my emotional needs. Self-dating is something that can happen at any point in your life, whether you are dating someone or are just single. I call it a new form of self-loving.

Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Lately, I have got myself flowers almost every week and a half or so as a reminder that I am pretty damn alive and not a robot that comes in and out of the house to work and sleep. Flowers have always been dear to me since I was a child, mainly yellow tulips or white tulips since they will always and forever remind me of The Netherlands. As my old roommate used to say, every time that life punches you in the guts, “do not forget to smell the roses”. Keeping flowers by the entrance of my studio reminds me that everything will be just fine; smelling my flowers, being grateful I can accommodate them in my budget makes me feel damn transcendent. Plus there are so many gorgeous smells and flower combinations which you can choose from, to make your perfect arrangement.

Treat Yourself, But Do Not Go Over budget

Usually, this happens on my day off when I get myself something that I would love to eat, but do not eat it in a high frequency, almost like my cheat day but on my days off. It could be anything from fruit bowls, macarons, sushi, pasta, or anything I have been curious to try before and have not had the chance. Eating is part of your health, part of giving your body the nutrients that it needs and satisfy your cravings to the max. Think about it as your perfect date and what would you like to eat or drink. You also have other options like cooking your favourite dish or preparing your most tempting snack. It is all about indulging yourself with what you love and nothing else. You can also head to our Cookbook section where you can find recipes made from our writing team or contributing chefs. Believe me, you are going to love every single moment of it.

Overall, Just Be Selfish When Loving Yourself

Loving yourself might sound like a selfish affair, although it is not selfish at all. I just love calling it that because no one can steal that passionate love from me. We always feel guilty about how someone else makes us feel when in reality, is us who has control over all those emotions. Let us be straight to ourselves, how many times have we said: “such and such broke my heart, and I feel miserable about it”? You only let that heartbreak affect you because you forgot to love yourself before loving your significant other entirely. Sometimes you need to remember that you are a priority before anyone else. If you continue to go around expecting to be fulfilled by someone else’s love, you will always feel broken, lonely, miserable, and hopeless.

Dating yourself is a magical getaway of telling the world fuck off because I am sure what I am capable of. How many times have you been asked: “tell me about yourself”? You are literally point blank, aren’t you? That is because you have not taken the time to know you, to experiment what you like about yourself, what you dislike about yourself, what could be your new favourite dish, and the list goes on. It is very important to self-date, I am doing it and I could not be happier about it. It gave me a boost of confidence with myself, to the point I can walk in front of a mirror and just see nothing but how an incredible person I am. When you love yourself no one can break you, you are a damn super-person ready to combat whatever foolishness live throws at you. Everything becomes slightly unbothered, you are head-on solving crap with a smile, and let go of whoever had a mal intention to bring your spirits down.

Understanding self-dating takes a while, but it is utterly necessary… So make time in your agenda to recharge and indulge!

PS: Will be continued next Thursday!


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