Top 8 Beauty Gurus I Live By On The Daily And You Should Too!

Ever wondered how your friends stay up to date with the latest beauty trends? Are you interested in learning tips to implement to your daily beauty routine? You seem interested, dive with me into the world of my favorite beauty gurus.

Growing up in an amplified social media environment, I gathered most of my beauty secrets from the web. Below this text you will be presented with 8 influencers that have taught me all I know related to beauty. From skin care to full glam, these 8 queens are here to fix all of your beauty related concerns.


The one and only Alisha Marie, true old school fans will remember Lida on hair brunette hair days, iconic. I began watching Alisha around a decade ago when I didn’t even understand what the purpose of makeup even was. Throughout the years her content has shifted to more of a lifestyle brand but her beauty tips are one of my favorites. She is real. She gives you the tea you need to know about the products you’re using, including the good and the bad.


I remember the first video I ever watched by Ms. Claudia Sulewski was from when she was still in high school and giving her small but mighty group of fans quick and easy summer hairstyles. Another guru that has shifted into more of a lifestyle brand but whom beauty advice I secretly live by. Claudia’s unique yet effortless makeup looks are my go to, always fun and flirty but glowy and natural at the same time. She also has a really cute Pit named Peach so very high quality content I am getting from Claudia if you ask me.


When I hear Lauren Giraldo I also hear someone scream skin care! Ms.Giraldo is known for her iconic glowing skin that could not be attained if it wasn’t for her also iconic skin care wall. I haven’t been watching Lauren for too long but what got my attention to her to begin with were her mind blowing 1 hour get ready with me transformations and the large amounts of skin care products she uses on the daily to keep her glow on.


The queen of the color yellow and girls supporting girls, Adelaine Morin is someone I feel like I grew up with through the internet. Adelaines nude lips kill it, anywhere she goes. Hoping to see some beauty products in her Girls Supporting Girls brand soon!


In every group there’s got to be a mom, Daniella is definitely that here. Many of you may remember her from her Nickelodeon days on Victorious. I became a fan after she had her son Gio. For no specific reason, I just fell in love with her quick beauty tips. If you want to achieve a nice set of lashes, Daniella is your girl.


A fellow blogger and dog mom! Yet another queen that taught me the needy greedy when it came time for skincare. If it wasn’t for Lauren Elizabeth, I probably would not know as much as I do about beauty. Lauren knows what a good tan and glam should look like. Bronzed and glowy skin are key for a Lauren Elizabeth look!


Remi Cruz will forever have my support. Her weight loss journey is everything! From Remi I’ve learned that a lot of times beauty comes from within. After years of watching, Cruz has taught me to be kind to myself and others to really see my beauty within.


Sister James Charles has to be my number 1 when it comes to anything beauty related. Although James has been involved in multiple drama scandals this year, I never stopped showing support. James Charles has a talent with makeup that cannot go unnoticed. Charles can create the most beautiful outlook under any circumstances. I have to admit that a lot of what I know in order to complete a full glam comes from sister James. I truly unleash my inner artist when following James Charles beauty tips and tricks .

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