Sweet Magnolias, Southern TV Show That Comes to Inspire Single Mothers in a Dramatic and Romantic Way!

Love knocks in our doors a few times -for some of us- before we find the right one, who is going to remain with us forever. Being in love with someone, further thinking to commit to a relationship is completely normal!

In my experience, I fell in love for the first time when I was 13 years old, or at least it was the first time I felt such thing. I remember he was older than me and foolish, I thought it was better if I lied to him about being the same age so he did not run away from me. He was 15 years old at the time (not too old). Edward Jean was the son of a family friend, we were so happy even when life got us apart. Later that year he had to move to the States, we always remember our story and how beautiful our relationship was. As the time passed by, we kept that friendship vivid for about two years. When he came back to Puerto Rico, I felt that a good part of my life puzzle was standing in front of me, and that was beautiful. We remain being best friends after he was back in the Island, while thinking we could get married someday. That is when my love story ended, he came by for a surprise in December of 2012 to congratulate me on my birthday, without knowing it would be the last time we would see each other. A week later I received bad news that broke my heart. I was told he was a victim of a car accident where he lost his life. I dare to say that many of us have encountered any type of situation about being heartbroken and put up again at least once in a lifetime.

From Sheryll Woods novel series, The Sweet Magnolias, took a life adaptation in the Netflix platform this 2020. As a particular romantic fan, I did add this TV show on my top list this year.

Dana Sue, Maddie, and Helen

Brief Description: This is a beautiful and fantastic drama it is about three-lifetime friends who got caught into adulthood problems. No need to be nostalgic, because that trio finds a way to overcome those daily basis situations -some of them not so basic- all together. The story begins in a town called Serenity, in South Carolina. Maddie (JoAnn Garcia Swisher) Who’s divorce proceedings between her soon to be ex-husband Bill (Chris Klein) results to be a little difficult in the beginning. Maddie was represented by her BFF and lawyer Helen (Heather Headly), who is ready to make sure Maddie gets what she deserves after this separation -not to be a spoiler- but this meeting ended up pretty intense and disappointed for them.

Main Scene: The Magnolias, Maddie, and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliot) are living a life between being single mothers, -who both where cheat on- raising kiddos, putting up with their careers, and leaving an open mind to keep the romance coming into their lives. Otherwise, Helen is the guardian of the group, the godmother of their children, she is always pouring herself out for her best friends. She also is a dreamer and romantic lady who may find herself a little romance in her life as the others. Danna Sue and Helen buy out a property that is characterized as the heart of Serenity, to finally fulfill their childhood dream about going into business together, but -hold on a bit- because everything depends on Maddie’s decision who may or not choose to be part of this amazing business right after everything she went through.

My Review: This drama is indeed a beautiful and fantastic series. The author chose unfortunate scenarios to show the audience an outstanding plot between going deep and finally flowing away those misfortunes. I loved how she empowers us to help out each other. Additionally, there are some essential things that had shown the audience how to deal with similar situations in their lives. Those things are friendship, love, and faith. The Three Magnolias are represented as strong leaders, successful females, and good mothers. Believers in God, in the community, and their dreams. I found this TV Show an inspiration for every woman. From the beginning through the end you could sense how unfair things are going to those ladies but actually seeing how they had it handle, it gives me hope and joy. It reveals that a woman can dream, a woman can suffer, a woman can heal and grow from every situation.

Do the storms ever stop? -Helen

No, but neither do the rainbows. -Maddie

Season 1, Episode 10

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