6 Beauty Essentials On A Budget!

When it comes to beauty, there are always some lotions and potions, abracadabra, magic tools, and more that can help you achieve perfect skin. I know this because I had to make peace and seize the battle of less is more when it comes to what I should put on my face. I know it sounds morbid expending so much money on items for your skin-care routine, I used to think that way until my acne started a coup d’état reigning all over my cheeks when -in reality- it could have been prevented with the right products and tools. I made an unforgivable error, to redeem myself with moi -wink- I have researched and tried what works best on my face, with simple products you can use at home with simple ingredients, and what items are the best to invest in.

Listen here I am only a retail manager who makes enough to pay back rent, student loans, and with enough luck, I could have some spare change for my yearly travels. I like to buy smart and only the things that I can afford in the long-run and not only once a year. I would never buy anything just for the sake of it, that would be throwing money down the garbage and money you can find another use for. 

Just remember, when it comes to any of these creams or tools, you have to consider your -own- skin. These are things I have tried myself as an amateur beauty enthusiasm, and some that my mom recommends me every now and then as a beauty professional. That being placed on the table, my skin is utterly annoying, combined, really oily on my T zone, cheeks and jawline, and dry everywhere else. It is a constant challenged to keep everything balanced but, I have cracked my formula open and there is no stopping me. 

Cleansing Story White Clay Deep Cleansing Foam 

Cleansing Story (by Welcos), it is one of my favourites cleansers out there in the market. This Korean cleanser, not only leaves your skin soft and radiant but, penetrates deep into the pores making your skin look clarified and glowing! I have also tried their Black Bean Deep Cleansing Foam and rooting to buy their Brown Rice Deep Cleanser Foam. You can acquire a Cleansing Story Deep Cleansing Foam from Amazon with prices ranging from $7 to $11.

Natural Bamboo Facial Sponge

These sponges can be found anywhere over the internet just by typing on Natural Bamboo Facial Sponge, and taran, you will get a range of natural sponges. I was recommended to use this sponge when washing my face by my esthetician to help my cleanser to exfoliate better and remove dead skin cells and hard-to-remove debris. Of course, I buy mines from Amazon at a very reasonable price, a pack of 50 sponges can range from $13 and up. The great thing about it, they are biodegradable once your sponge needs replacement you do not have to throw it out, instead, you can place it in you compostable bin, or simply bury it in the ground. 

Reusable Cotton Rounds/Squares

Get ready for helping mother earth  D.I.Y.! I have been using cotton rounds for months now, and there is no turning back. They are outstandingly practical and once you are done using it, put it in a mesh bag and throw it in the washing machine. I use them to remove makeup, apply my toner and to remove my nail polish as well. You can buy them anywhere these days, or you can cut that old towel you are planning to discard and bring it back to life, giving it a new purpose. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as Eye-Makeup Remover

You heard that one right, I told you I only expend money wisely! Olive Oil works wonders as an eye-makeup remover, it does it in just two or three swipes. My favourite part is that Olive Oil works as an antioxidant which may prevent* premature ageing, is rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, moisturizes and fights bacteria, but the best of all is 100% natural!

Dear Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence

I discovered this brand and Every Day Sun Protector via the beauty YouTuber Hyram. When applied, it feels very light, not to mention it has an SPF 50, water-based gel texture and my favourite, it is vegan friendly. I bought mines via the Yes Style app, where you can find a world of Asian products. Dear Klairs is made in Korea -there is a lot to look forward to- and it only costs $23. Protecting your skin against the sun helps you tons by preventing premature age signs, protects your skin from artificial blue light, reduce the darkness of acne scars, but most importantly, most of your facial products, like vitamin C serums or eye-creams -which retinol a prominent ingredient- acne prevention creams need to be protected from UVA or UVB, otherwise, you are putting all those products to work against you.

Rose Quartz or Jade Roller

I call it my good for nothing but mighty beauty tool. I storage must of my creams and -this- tool in the fridge, they cool down nicely and helps me de-puff my skin, at the same time, it massages the stress away. I use it to distribute -evenly- my vitamin C serum and later on to distribute my moisturizer. It works like a charm! Just make sure -when using it- that you are always massaging your skin going upwards or from the center of your face to your ears. You can find them pretty much anywhere with prices starting at $10 and up.

If you do not have a beauty routine, I highly recommend you to read A Few Tips About Korean Beauty to guide yourself into one of the best beauty routines there is out there.


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