Unpacking Memories: The Very First Dress I’ve Ever Designed

I dare to say that many of us think -at least- once-in-a-lifetime about the idea of creating our own wardrobe. Even though we probably had zero experience, we find it possible and cheerful to at least give it a try. I am no exception, I was dreaming to find the perfect occasion to wear something that represents my wishes and a lovely piece that would remain on the family forever.

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl who dreamt to design a unique dress for a very special occasion. After realizing the final days of the high school year have arrived, she thought the moment was knocking on her door. Without any magical power or fairy godmother to do the job, she took her pencil and started to bring out any idea that comes to her mind into that piece of paper. It was not at her first try, but she was persistent in her wishes. Without any doubt she ended up designing the perfect dress for the occasion she might soon attend.

The composition started based on a sweetheart neckline. Form by two curves recalling a heart shape.

P: Pinterest

Following with a long a-line skirt that was fitted at the hips towards the hem.

P: Burda Style

Adding some fashion tones to the dress I proceed to create a floral transparent long set-in sleeve known as batwing.

P: Müller & Sohn

This piece would be dressed closely at the wrist but must be hanging loosely under the arm.

Designing and Creating a dress is a remarkable adventure. Even if you are not a professional putting your best intentions would make it happen. As long as you had an idea you shall follow your wishes and the magic would appear itself. I must mention that, even though I’m not a designer I create this sketch and an amazing dressmaker called Gamioly Ayala, help me put up into a reality. Here I showed you the results of my dream come true.

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