The Olsen Twins: Red Carpet Looks, Business & More

I am sure everyone has an idea as who the Olsen Twins are, proud designers since 2004, members of the CFDA, fashion icons, film stars, and the latest news -but not as important as their career- Mary-Kate filling for an emergency divorce from -now- ex-husband Oliver Sarkozy. With any further ado, let us bring the magic which once the twins brought to us as the creators of magical/mysterious fashion brands.

The Red Carpet Looks

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Looks at Met Gala from 2007-2017 (Photo: Getty Images)

If I had the chance to imitate anyone’s red carpet looks, it would be the Olsens -no doubt- they always struck us with modern silhouettes, nothing too body-contouring, and so elevated styles, while keeping a simple palette of neutral colours -mostly black- and occasional prints. They are radically chic, tuning with the comfort with a mix of a whimsical accessory combination that surpasses our understanding at times. It can even be opinionated that their looks might even be chasing the tendance of effortless vintage aesthetics without a sign of flaw. I could continue by explaining why their smooth style appeal is so significant to me (duh, I use their grammy-looking style as a dressing guide!)

The Olsen Fashion Empire 

Photo: Getty Images

The Olsens started their fashion career in 2004 by launching their first collection in the utmost know -for various reasons- Walmart. This collection was all about the 00’s cool kids and nothing less, including ages fluctuating from 4 years old to 14, in addition to a beauty line called Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls. The real fun and admiring fact of all this is -that you might be remembering or now discovering- while developing this rad teen fashion line, The Olsens signed a document that would give their Bangladesh workers full maternity leave, making them -not only- America’s national sweethearts, but utmost responsible and conscious treasure. 

But when did The Olsens became the fashion icons they are today? After their Walmart success, Mary-Kate and Ashley were attached as the faces of the upscale brand of Badgley Mischka, a bridal focused brand which was best known and highly popular -at first- by their all-time favourite and acclaimed bridal footwear for women. That was just some FYI for your designer knowledge; the real story begins when Ashley Olsen went on the mission of creating the perfect tee fit for all body types, without excluding age. That was the challenge who started it all and put their incredibly successful brand -in the fashion map- back in 2006 called The Row

The Row is simply an exceptional brand which focuses on creating pieces with the right fabrics, impeccable details, precise tailoring, all these in such harmonious fashion to create a classic signature. The designs are strong, simple and timeless shapes that could elevate anyone’s wardrobe without compromising quality. 

In addition to The Row, they are also responsible for brands as Elizabeth and JamesOlsenboye and Style MintElizabeth and James was founded by the twins in 2007, a brand whose concept is targeted to the modern playful and relaxed woman without leaving behind design sophistication with more mainstream price-points. Olsenboye was a brand exclusively for JCPenny launched in 2010 as an approach to the junior consumer -in an effort- to expand their style selection, fashion-forward pieces at affordable prices; you can still find some of these pieces in Poshmark, and any other re-sale apps, AKA no longer available at JCPenny. Style Mint was another of the Twins creations but in the form of online shopping, that came almost as fast as it was gone from the internet. 

In adjunction to all the brands created by The Olsens, they teamed up with TOMS in 2011 to design shoes for misfortuned kids around 20 different countries worldwide. The espadrilles included materials as Italian-sourced wool, cashmere and leather; then equaling the perfect ratio of 1:1, with one pair of espadrilles sold, one pair of shoes would be shipped out to a kid in need.

The twins have won multiple CFDA awards including the CFDA Award for American Accessories Designer of the Year in 2019, 2018, nominated in 2017, 2016 and 2015. They also won the CFDA Award for American Women’s Designer of the Year in 2015 and 2012, with nominations in 2018, 2017, and 2016.   

Mary-Kate’s Emergency Divorce

Photo: WireImage

No one can tell what happens behind the curtains, so far this emergency divorce is catalogue as a simple disagreement between the couple. Olsen requested the divorce when the lock-down was still implemented and was quickly denied because there were no signs of being an emergency case. After the news was break-down to her, she tries to file as an emergency divorce being unsuccessfully denied once again label as non-essential. The state of New York was not accepting new divorce cases, and Olsen’s did not comply with the essential matter procedure. But why is the divorce happening in the first place?

Mary-Kate (33) and Oliver Sarkozy (50) started dating back in 2012 and got married in 2015. However, according to multiple sources, the divorce erupted after Sarkozy and Olsen could not agree on what would be the future of their marriage, Olsen wanting kids while focusing with her ridiculous and admiring work ethic and brands, and Sarkozy wanting her to be a stay-at-home wife, joining him to his extravagant vacation destinations, and denying the possibility of bringing more kids to his life. It was absolutely gruesome, Oliver terminated their Manhattan apartment lease without any prior conversation to his actions taking her by surprise. Mary-Kate asked for more time after she found out but it was merely ignored, forcing her to take action on the spot. 

Nonetheless, we all know there is calm after the storm. Mary-Kate was triumphantly granted her divorce earlier this Monday once NY coronavirus restrictions were lifted. She comes out winning thanks to a mastermind prenup agreement which protected her business interest and fortune. Mary-Kate is taking some time off away from the drama, staying -with her twin sister- Ashley and some friends outside of the city.

I mean, what is truly inspiring than continue chasing your passion, protecting the steps you want to take in life. It just sucks the fact the apparently he made it so difficult to accept they were not in the same path. I would have done the same, at the end of the day life is limited, we should not be waiting on nothing to get better, and simply take action when need it.

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