Beauty Has No Boundaries. Two Friends Dress Up The Same Way To Influence The World On Stopping Stereotypes

Since I can remember, we have been told about how beauty is defined in our society. For many many years back the beauty has been represented by a structure better known as stereotypes, which is defined as a particular idea on how a person or thing is. This oversimplification shows up an image of how beauty was restricted to one single skin color; white. That fact led the world to an ideology that humans must be divided into races. That belief created racism between black and white for centuries. Those two races were divided into different communities that could not even be mixed in one another because that was found as totally unnatural. Thankfully, Martin Luther King came along over to fight those racial inequalities through a non-violence resistance on October 14, 1964.

Nowadays, we are not living those segregate times, even though we still fighting to overcome racial discrimination that has come on the way. We have been told that beauty has only one measure of a perfect woman, 90,60,90 as but, waist and hips. This ideology has been a nightmare for those “unqualified woman” who could not find themselves as beautiful because of this foolish invention. I remember a time in middle school when I was extremely insecure with my body because I thought that a beautiful girl represents having curls and I was so skinny that I really find myself underestimating my own beauty. I was always identified as the skinny twin, those comments started to affect me, my self-esteem, and my self-love. In 2017 Desigual, started fighting over beauty stereotypes. In this summer campaign, the model Charlie Howard photo posed without any photoshop, showing to her viewers her stretch marks and cellulitis as natural beauty. The model quoted her works as:

“Beauty is not alone in size zero. Diversity is the key to change”

Charlie Howard Desigual Campaign

I’d like to think that we are as different as beautiful in our own personal kind. Yes, people! Beauty is indeed relative. For one moment think about your favorite food. For example, mine is white rice, corn beef, avocado, and some tostones. That way it’s how beauty works, has its own taste or preferences depending on the individual in particular. Your favorite plate might not be the same as mine is, but that does not change the fact that it is wonderful and tasteful food to another human being.

I’d like to show you guys how these two amazing and beautiful girls share this thought through inspirational photos all over the social media. Because beauty is beauty.

P: Facebook

“It’s exhausting to be told what beauty should be like. I’m sick of society defining beauty for us. Take off your clothes, wipe your makeup, cut your hair. Dispose of all material possessions”

Beautiful isn’t it? Being able to see how different we could be, and how it is acceptable to be size zero or size plus. Coexisting as women’s giving it all not be identified by anyone just ourselves and who we want to become. That is the real beauty.

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