Friends + Coffee + Tea= Healthy Mind

Who does not enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea? Pardon me if you don’t. But tell me, do you remember when you had a bad day or time in your life when you feel some kind of way or need to spare your problems with another human being? I get you all –been there, done that- We are humans who were basically created in three different elements body, mind, and soulknown as spirit- When we suffer any type of distress on our daily basis our system begins to react about it with the three of them. We got to keep in mind that we are different in our own kind, which means perceiving threatens or stressful events might come with a unique reaction.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health not all stress is bad, defined as the brain responds to any demand. Starting with our mind who is a fighter over the situations we might conquer. As we all know by now, the brain is our mechanism to respond to any kind of threat we feel. It leads our body by communicating with the nervous system, whose job is to react releasing a flood of stress hormones including heart-pounding, faster than usual like some adrenaline taking over ourselves, I bet many of us had felt it at some point. Until the cortisol is released, which is known as the hormones that took control and restore the energy we might have lost when the stressful moment appears.

Our innate response in these situations is to trigger our body and emotions into a battle. Debating with ourselves on how are we going to cope with it. That is when a good pair of ears and hands come into motion to help us restore our soul and spirit. Our greatest listeners, our partners and supports recognized as friends. They are basically those who celebrate with us our wins and those good moments we have lived. Also they are that answer we might be trying to get or that type of cortisol we needed in order to get our minds out of the situation. Having the strongest safety network lower our risk in those circumstances when we are desperate or when we had lost control. They are part of the family we chose to create.

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I happen to have a few friends and people that I loved very much in my life and I find them extremely essential in my struggles and happiness. I’d like to compare friendship with a cup of coffee which I like so much and need every day in my lifetime. Because I had found both scenarios as the same thing: relaxation. The caffeine is found as a stimulant in our central nervous systems, which could help us focus on our needs. Having an assertive conversation with a friend will provide a balance in our lives reducing our stress and anxiety into a positive impact. Combining that two things let us a dimension of moments to enjoy and explore whether we are struggling or not.

My social ritual is a cup of coffee you could ask my best friend and she would recall it. Create your own ritual, maybe it is over a warm or cold drink, who knows? Just do it. It is healthy to laugh, cry, scream instead of leaving things burning inside us. If you are a mother, this includes you too. We struggle a lot on this journey, we might think we are failing to them, we might doubt about how we are going to face some steps into their lives. Creating this dynamic it would definitely increase your security and could give you another perspective about motherhood coming with free life-hacks.

Find your safety support and share it with them. If you are spiritual like me, consider inviting your pastor out to a coffee date, there would be always a bunch of good moments you can safe inside your heart.

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