Stay Safe While Being Fashion

With this COVID–19 situation, it’s gonna be a loooong time after we stop using the most-required face masks. Even when the pandemic starts disappearing, we’re gonna need to still use a mask because we still won’t be able to know who has the virus. Long story short, masks are here to stay and will definitely become the hottest new trend.

In many Asian cultures wearing a mask is completely normal on a daily basis. They started using it to protect their lungs from pollution and it’s basically another accessory. We might need to do the same now.

Personally, I started using masks before the pandemic because I suffer from chronic sinus and the Saharan Dust makes it worst. I also got infected with mycoplasma, so my lungs got weaker because of it.

Many doesn’t like the masks because sometimes it ruins your outfit, it covers your makeup, and I totally get it! They are uncomfortable, they may hurt your ears, some may even give you a sore throat… But as a fashion lover, I’ve learn to cheat my way through this unfashionable pandemic. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

There are many ways you can wear a mask while staying fashion and I’m here to tell you all about it!

Let’s start with the basics: All Black!

Mask and shirt by himeonthestreets on IG

Black goes with anything in an outfit! So wearing a black mask will make you look great no matter what you’re wearing. It’ll make you look exotic! Use those beautiful eyes on your favor! A black mask is the go-to of many celebrities such as Bad Bunny, Billie Eilish, and some BTS members!

The key of matching!

Mask and shirt by himeonthestreets on IG
Headband by kiaritaa.bands on IG

Another tip is to combine it with what you’re wearing, either with color or with the pattern. It’s really cool when you wear the same color in different parts of your outfit. Combine it with your shirt, or with your pants, or even better… with your shoes!


Mask, shirt, and scrunchie by himeonthestreets on IG

Imagine having a bandana and a face mask of the same color or pattern, it would be great! Well, you can do it! Aand you would be a sensation! There are many small shops that are selling masks and accessories to combine with and you all should support!

Glam it up!

From Forbes

If you like glitter and sequins, getting a mask made with glittery fabric would be fab! If you can’t find any, why not decorate it yourself? You can have fun in quarantine while being creative! Get those sequins, that glitter and make yourself your dream mask! Other option to shine is to wear a satin mask, they are glowy and they are comfy!


Kakashi from Naruto

There’s nothing more satisfying than wearing merch of your favorite characters, why not do it now? Wear your favorite superhero or your favorite anime character just to keep you safe!

Fabric masks are a great option! They are reusable (so while being safe you also save the planet!), washable, and come in different styles.

Remember to make sure that your fashionable mask has a filter and if not, you can add a paper towel. Don’t use your mask for more than 2 hours, it could be dangerous. Always wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Let’s finish this pandemic together!

If you’d like to get any of the mask that I’m wearing, don’t hesitate in contacting me on Instagram. We definitely can make it work!

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