Next In Fashion: I Heart Minju Kim

I am probably that last person to watch Next In Fashion, a series that aired in January 2020, and if you have not streamed it yet, you can easily catch up on Netflix. As the title implies, this is a competition series all about fashion, organically-humorous, nerve-wracking production, hosted by British treasures Alexa Chung and Tan France. Alexa, if you are reading this, I have a secrete not-so-secret crush and fascination for your contribution to the fashion industry. Hearts and winky eye! Back on my thread, what I adore from this fashion competition the most, is the freedom and respect shown between all the designers without being cobras to each other, making it tranquil than having a zen garden on top of your office desk. Not to be confused with a boring show either! The eccentricity and ethnicities composed by all the designers will make you laugh, cry, feel inspired, and at some points, make you upset from the cockiness brought by some contestants.

Tan and Alexa Hosts From Next in Fashion
Via Netflix

I loved the passion and rejoiced with every single personality celebrated in each episode. However, I am here to talk about the winner and member of the Dragon Princess duo, Minju Kim, the sweetest female contestant from the entire show! I know, spoiler alert, she won unanimously Next In Fashion, because indeed she is the next amazing thing it could ever happen in the fashion industry. If I could apply to be her best friend, I totally would in a heartbeat, no doubt, and even -maybe- work along with her as her seamstress or such. She had her couple obstacles and a few competition themes that were -in a way- plotting against her design aesthetic. I struggled every time Alexa and Tan mentioned the challenges, and Minju would turn her smile upside down, followed by her self-questioning what the challenge would translate to her skills and design knowledge. Bumpy roads and almost at the risk of losing a spot at the top, Minju gracefully aced and survived all of it, becoming the Next South Korean sweetheart in fashion.

Minju and Daniel (the last two contestants of Next in Fashion)
Via Netflix

Minju’s aesthetic -in my own words- is effortlessly feminine with a punch of empowerment, joy, and sentiment. She initially joined the competition to prove herself the great talents within her heart which, she thought she lost after the pressure brought by her sister to maintain her designs as commercial as possible. The final challenge was all about creating a collection that represented each designer’s brand essence. Minju’s collection was inspired by the power of Frida Khalo’s artistry and story. To our surprise, this was an unseen interpretation of Khalo’s life and designs. Such an incredible craftsmanship that indulged her sister’s heart, pushing herself to allow Minju to create what her passion dictates. If you feel interested to buy her Next in Fashion Mini Collection exclusive to Net-A-Porter, click here.

Now, if you feel like buying from her actual store or e-shop, you can click here!

I definitely recommend to jump in, watch the series, and pick up your favorite designer!

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